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 Copperplate Pen
Speedball Oblique Pen Set
Contains the necessary tools to accomplish Copperplate / Spencerian Script. Has oblique penholder with four Hunt No. 101 and two No. 103 pen points.
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  Frederic W. Goudy
Copperplate Gothic
Copperplate Gothic Volume
Copperplate Gothic was designed in 1901 by U.S. type designer F.W. Goudy. The Linotype font family includes 9 styles.
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 SHEAFFER Calligraphy
Sheaffer Calligraphy Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Pen Calligraphy Maxi Kit
This kit contains three No-Nonsense calligraphy pens with cushioned grips, one each broad, medium and fine nibs, 14 ink cartridges, three reusable grids, step-by-step instructions and tracing guide.
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Bowfin Printworks
»Trying to identify a Script Font? Check out Bowfin Printworks, Typeface Identification and Script Font Reference List by Michael Yanega.
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 Swedish Copybook 1858
Evan Lindquist
»Handwritten Copperplate Script from a Swedish Copybook
© Evan Lindquist, Arkansas State University.
New and Vintage Steel Pen Nibs - Online Catalog
copperplate pens


A classic copperplate script style in every sense of the word, perfect thickness of stroke and letter proportions set it ahead of the crowd in this very competitive category. Initial capitals provide an ornamental flourish and blend beautifully with the simple, elegant lines of a lowercase that has been painstakingly prepared to ensure free-flowing linkage. British designer Phill Grimshaw has also included a selection of ending elements to give settings a special, personalized appearance.

An elegant, free-flowing copperplate script style designed by renowned British designer Martin Wait. Generous initial capitals complement the more restrained lower case letters that join for balanced letter spacing in word settings. Excellent for certificates, citations, diplomas and greeting card applications.

Commercial Script
Commercial Script
This elegant copperplate script style has the appearance of grace and classical refinement. Commercial Script offers a timeless beauty that makes it an ever popular choice. The capitals are designed as initials for a lowercase where letterforms join together in true script fashion.


ITC Edwardian Script Regular
ITC Edwardian Script Regular
A new typeface from the hand of Ed Benguiat. Great time and care went into the design of ITC Edwardian Script. Not only did the delicate and sophisticated letterforms have to be painstakingly drawn and redrawn, the connections of the letters had to be drafted so they created perfect junctures between letters. In addition, Benguiat rendered a series of "baroque" alternate capitals for those occasions when "merely beautiful" is not enough. ITC Edwardian Script is available in regular and bold weights. Special baroque capitals have also been designed and included as alternates to the standard design.

ITC Edwardian Script Bold
ITC Edwardian Script Bold
Designed by Ed Benguiat. ITC Edwardian Script is available in regular and bold weights. Special baroque capitals have also been designed and included as alternates to the standard design.

Young Baroque
Young Baroque
This elegant copperplate typeface is somewhat different from others in the script category due to its slightly condensed lowercase letterforms. With its beautiful, free flowing initial capitals and stunning array of lowercase alternatives, Young Baroque looks magnificent in word settings and is ideally suited for diplomas and citations. Created by the American west coast designer Doyald Young.

Carl Beck
Carl Beck
Elegant script font by Swedish calligrapher, typographer and designer Bo Berndal. [Show sample or buy Carl Beck at]

Standard Zanerian Engrosser's Script
Standard Zanerian Engrosser's Script

! This is not a font. This beautiful script was hand written by US Master Penman E.A. Lupfer. He wrote »Lessons in Roundhand or Engrosser's script« in »The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing« — one of the best instructional books for Copperplate calligraphy ever published. [Read more] - Download over 1,000 PostScript and TrueType Fonts!
Fonts purchased from our advertiser ITC, International Typeface Corporation, always include both PostScript and TrueType formats. All fonts are available for Macintosh and Windows.

 What is Copperplate?
John Ayres 1683copperplate script
formally English round hand, in calligraphy, dominant style among 18th-century writing masters, whose copybooks were splendidly printed from models engraved on copper. The alphabet was fundamentally uncomplicated, but the basic strokes were often concealed in luxuriant flourishing.«
[Read the complete Encyclopædia Britannica Article]
Calligraphy in the 17th and 18th Centuries
George Bickham p.182»
In Renaissance books calligraphy was printed from woodblocks, but in the 17th century wood was replaced by copperplates. These engravings resulted in much finer lines and increasingly elaborate writing books. One of the finest calligraphic artists was Jan van de Velde of Holland. Maria Strick of Rotterdam and Ester Inglis of Scotland were 17th-century professional calligraphers. In England, Edward Cocker, Charles Snell, and John Clark and other calligraphers in France and Spain spread the new copperplate styles. In the 18th century, The Universal Penman (1733-1741), by the English calligrapher George Bickham, appealed to businessmen, administrators, and schoolmasters. Calligraphic scripts continued to serve as models for type designs. For the businessman and student it was not easy to attain the perfection of the engraved scripts with the use of quill pens. To speed up writing, the pen was held at a far steeper angle, hairlines were thin, and curves and downstrokes swelled with pressure from the hand. As commerce took over, penmanship declined.«
[From the article »Calligraphy« Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2001 ©1997-2000 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. ©1993-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.]

”Wedding Fonts”
Citadel Mahogany French Young Baroque Helinda Rook
Wedding Value Pack
roseThe Wedding Value Pack at includes Citadel Script, Mahogany Script, French Script, Young Baroque and Helinda Rook. Script typefaces enhance the written word. They are emotional, lyrical, even passionate communicators. Scripts have a soul, and a heart. And beautiful, free flowing scripts are the hallmark of this font pack. These fonts are as natural for a wedding as rice or champagne.
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Citadel Mahogany French Young Baroque Helinda Rook
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Bickham books

George Bickham, english calligrapher and engraver compiled »The Universal Penman« in the 1740s from the best specimens of the leading penmen of his day. [read more]
Mastering Copperplate

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy
Step-by-Step Manual
Eleanor Winters
Dover Publications
ISBN 0486409511

[read more]

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roseCrane's Blue Book of Stationery
The Styles and Etiquette of Letters, Notes and Invitations
Steven L. Feinberg
ISBN 0385261756
Cranes Wedding Blue Book
roseCrane's Wedding Blue Book
The Styles and Etiquette of Announcements, Invitations, and other Correspondences

Steven L. Feinberg
ISBN 0671796410
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