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»25 Vintage Nibs
Assortment of 25 different vintage steel pen nibs. Nice for drawing, sketching, comic book inking, cartooning and handwriting.
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Argent Centre

»The Birmingham Pen Room
Interesting article by Stuart Williams in the Pentrace PenBase.
»Read the report on

»More about the Pen Room in Donal Higgins' review of the WES Feb.24 2002 meeting
 Nib Vocabulary
petit vocabulaire
»La nomenclature des plumes — Nib vocabulary in french, from the book "La Mémoire des Sergent-Major" by Lacroux & Van Cleem, on Jean-Pierre Lacroux's web site
»View enlarged image
»The Van Cleem Collection

mir - peace
»Peace Peace
Former Soviet Union poster from the Czech propaganda poster site

View enlarged image
 SHEAFFER Calligraphy
Sheaffer Calligraphy Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Pen Calligraphy Maxi Kit
This kit contains three No-Nonsense calligraphy pens with cushioned grips, one each broad, medium and fine nibs, 14 ink cartridges, three reusable grids, step-by-step instructions and tracing guide.
[read more]
 PILOT Fountain Pen
Pilot Varsity
Pilot Varsity
Disposable fountain pen combines contemporary design and modern convenience with the smooth writing of a liquid ink fountain pen.

[read more]
 Eeyore says:

»This writing business. Pencils and what-not. Over-rated, if you ask me. Silly stuff. Nothing in it.«
AA Milne 1926

[More quotes from Winnie-The-Pooh]

 NEW Book
Pens & Writing Equipment
Collectible Dip Pens
Jim Marshall
Self-published 2003
britain Check out Jim Marshall's Pen & Pencil Gallery in Cumbria, England.
 Recommended Book
Pens & Writing Equipment
Pens & Writing Equipment
A Collector's Guide

Jim Marshall
ISBN 1840001461
Köp boken från
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Pens & nibs


Collections and Information
Steel Pens (nibs, dip pens, pen points)
My new nib site. (Dot TK stands for the small island Tokelau in the Pacific ocean.)
vintage nibs Vintage Advertisements
Steel Pen Catalogs and adverts from my collection.
mitchell roundhand nib Steel Pens
Pen nibs for cartoonists and calligraphers.
plume La plume de notre enfance
"Calamophiliste" Paul Thibault's nib collection. [FR]
Van Cleem Plumes, Boîtes de plumes & Porte-Plumes, — Nibs, boxes and much more from Lionel Van Cleem's collection. [FR]
Belgian PENterprise
Pascal Fantazian's collection of Belgian nib boxes and school boxes. [BE]
Eddy Backx Eddy Backx — Belgian nib collector. [BE]
Zebra Brand Nibs new Takayuki Fujikawa — Artist and nib collector from Japan. [JP]
jm gwin John M. Gwin
John McDonald Gwin's nib collecting site. [US]
Birmingham pen More about the pen trade
Bob Miles' site
»Explore the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter«. [GB]
Ross Green Vintage Nibs — Antique Penpoints
Ross Green's vintage pen points site is closed. [US]
[A screen shot of in April 2001 courtsey of the Internet Archives]
Joseph Gillott The Grove — Richard Durrant's historical site. Read about pen maker Joseph Gillott. Tour the Gillott Factory 1874. [UK]
Oblicua Mis Plumillas Francisco Sánchez Pardo, Spanish nib collector. [ES]
Penna ASTRA n.700 EF Pennini Roberto De Cecco's Italian nib collection. [IT]
[Archived on Nov.21, 2001 in the Internet Archives]
Ines Font Inés Font Spanish nib collection. [ES]
[Archived on Jun.9, 2002 in the Internet Archives]
zanerian finewriter Evan Lindquist how to fit a Zanerian Fine Writer to an Esterbrook pen. [US]
Nib boxes Torsten Svensson — Collector of pens and boxes. Article in Swedish. [SWE]
penoply Penoply A nice antique dip pen set from Francesco Rubinato at Richard C. Conner's fountain pen website. [US]
Manga Nibs Manga Pen Nibs — Nikko, Zebra and Tachikawa Pens — Japanese nibs from the book "How to draw Manga".
Plumas Plumas con historia article about steel pens at the Image & Art web site (in Spanish).
Plumes Patriotique Boites de plumes — banque d'images de boites de plumes — Nib boxes gallery by Robert Fina [FR]
Quill Cutters Knife Early Writing Implements — John C. Loring's collection of pre-1850 Writing Implements — penners, knives, quill cutters, gold & silver dip pens... [US]
Arnold Wagner Dip Pens Arnold Wagner covers a variety of technical subjects that have to do with cartooning. [US]
Pen holders TOP
New Pen holders New Pen Holders from Koh-I-Noor, General Pencil, Hunt and Speedball. Standard holders, Crow quill, Oblique, Cork grip. [US]
Del Tysdal Del Tysdal — Zanerian College, copperplate and calligraphy pen staffs — made of real woods, hand turned, buffed and polished.
oblique penholders Oblique Penholder Archive
Vintage penholders at Joe Vitolo's Zanerian website. [US]
dip pens Paper Trail Antiques
Judith Walker's dip pen collection. [US]
Speedball 9455 Speedball Oblique Pen Holder
Oblique plastic pen holder for Copperplate Calligraphy — not adjustable. [US]
Turn of the Century Turn of the Century — wooden pen holders, each individually freehand crafted of the finest hardwoods by William Schmidt. [US]
Lilly's pens William Lilly — Handmade Pens
Master Script Writer Bill Lilly's handmade pen holders. [US]
PIA Paper & Ink Arts calligraphy supplies, books, nibs, oblique pen holders... [US]
Ziller Oblique Pen Holder Ziller of Kansas City — produces an oblique plastic holder with an adjustable metal flange. [US]
Dennis Santella Dennis Santella — hand made pen holders and a neat little screwtop dip pen with a hollow body for storage of extra nibs. [US] New URL aug 2004
Vintage nib sources — dealers TOP
25 nibs - ONLY 19.99 USD 25 Vintage Nibs — Buy an assortment of 25 different vintage steel pen nibs and a wood dip pen holder. FREE shipping and handling worldwide! Only US $19.99. »read more
Poole Mr. Poole
A wide range of writing equipment and a unique collection of pen nibs. [UK]
Das Scriptorium Das Scriptorium am Rheinsprung Basel
Swiss calligrapher Andreas Schenk's studio and nib shop. [CH]
Antiqua Chartaria Antiqua Charteria Italian web store with old original stationery articles. [IT]
pendemonium Pendemonium
Vintage Writing Collectibles. [US]
John Neal John Neal Bookseller
Calligraphy Supplies
books, nibs... [US]
The Tin Shop The Tin Shop Pen Nib tins for sale Online store for old advertising, tins, packaging, memorabilia and collectibles. [UK]
[old website]
Click her for your favorite eBay items eBay Check eBay auctions for new and vintage pens and nibs. Go to Collectibles > Autographs, Paper & Writing > Writing Instruments. [US]
Antique nibs Antique Steel Nibs
Flax Art & Design Antique steel points. Gift card assortment includes ten nibs. [US]
Bataille De Fleurus Dip Nib Boxes From France Nib boxes at Max Davis' 1001 Pens, formerly NY Vintage Pen. Check out the 1001 ink bottles too. [FR]
Nishimura Dip Pens & Accessories
David Nishimura's Vintage Pens Website. Vintage dip pens for collectors. [US]
tinten Tinten-Online Schreibwaren, Schreibgeräte, Kalligraphie. German calligraphy supplies. [DE]
Kallipos Kalligraphie & Poesie Matthias Gröschke & Christoph M. Hutman: Kalligraphie & Poesie und einem Shop zum Erwerb von Schriften, Tinten, Schreibfedern... German nibs & calligraphy supplies. [DE]
Ricci Belle Arti - Siena 1869 Ricci Belle Arti negozio di belle arti situato in Siena dal 1869. Art supply store in Siena since 1869. [IT]
The Calligraphy Shop The Calligraphy Shop Tutto per l'Arte Calligrafica. Daniel J. Quinn's calligraphy shop in Firenze. [IT]
Ecritoire en bois L'Atelier de l'écriture ecritoires, plumes et encriers. [FR]
Rubinato Francesco Rubinato
Sets of old nibs and accessories. [IT]
steel nibs BLAM design steel pens
New & vintage steel pen nibs for calligraphers, cartoonists and collectors
. [SWE]
Special Pens TOP
Ackerman Pens Charles Ackerman's Pump Pen, the artist's fountain pen. [US]
Pelikan Graphos Pelikan Graphos Drafting Fountain Pen
Read more about this interesting pen.
Steel pen nibs — manufacturers TOP
Brause GmbH and Brause-Kalligraphie
German nibs, since 1850. [DE]
D. Leonardt
D. Leonardt & Co.
Manufacturing a complete range of pen nibs. Sister company: Manuscript Pen Company Ltd. Download the catalogues: Chronicle Dip Pens, Gilt Nibs/Reservoirs, Leonardt Nibs & Pen Holders [UK]
Speedball Speedball Art Products Company
Speedball & Hunt Pens Points & Steel Brushes & Pen Holders
Catalog in pdf-format. [US]
coit Coit Pens
Lettering pens with a nib of non-rusting brass complemented by a large capacity corrugated ink retainer. [US]
William Mitchell William Mitchell / British Pens New URL
Part of the Rical group of presswork and Diecasting Companies. [UK]
tif Heintze & Blanckertz
Used to make excellent nibs. Read the company history in German.
Tachikawa Tachikawa Japanese pen manufacturer. Tachikawa and Nikko dip pens. [JP]
ZEBRA Zebra Tokumatsu Ishikawa, the founder of Zebra Co., Ltd.. made and marketed the first Japanese metal nibs in 1897. [JP]
Exaclair Exaclair is the US distributor of Brause pen nibs. Check their website for U.S. Brause retailers.
Museums TOP
The Birmingham Pen Trade Heritage Association. [UK]
museum of writing The Museum of Writing — in association with the Birmingham Pen Trade Heritage Association and the Writing Equipment Society. [UK]
Museumsdorf Cloppenburg Museumsdorf Cloppenburg Niedersächsisches Freilichtmuseum: Die Schreibgeräte-Sammlung des F. Soennecken. German pen maker Friedrich Soennecken's collection. [DE]
Escritura Museo de la Escritura Writing Instruments museum in Spain - Nib boxes, Pen holders, Inks, Fountain Pens... Lots of images. [ES]
Societies TOP
wes The Writing Equipment Society Online
Society devoted to the conservation and study of writing instruments and accessories. [UK]
ccoe Le Club des Collectionneurs d'Objets d'Ecriture
réunit les collectionneurs d'objets d'écriture français et étrangers. [FR]
Games TOP
PLAY NIBS! Play Nibs!
Learn the Game of Nibs in Somerset Maugham's novel Of Human Bondage
Steel Pen Substitutes
Misc. Writing & Drawing Instruments TOP

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