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Esterbrook 1952
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Esterbrook 1952
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»The 1941 Esterbrook Catalog has 40 pages, a 12 page price list, and a color reproduction front and back cover. There is a lot of hard to find information here.«
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Esterbrook Fountain Pens
»The Fountain Pens of Esterbrook
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»Detailed information on Esterbrook fountain pens and a reprint of the entire 1939 Esterbrook catalog«
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 Renew Points 1959
Esterbrook 1959
»Reference Information
Useful information and a large scan of the Esterbrook 1959 renew points chart on Richard Binder's site.
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Esterbrook 1893
»Esterbrook's Steel Pens
Color lithograph;
ca. 1893
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An Elegant Hand
»An Elegant Hand : The Golden Age of American Penmanship and Calligraphy
by William E. Henning,
Paul Melzer (editor)
Oak Knoll Press,
ISBN 1584560673

Ground-breaking insight on the importance of American calligraphy to the world of calligraphy. Over 400 illustrations most from original specimens that W.C. Henning began collecting in the early 1890s.«
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Vintage Nib Card
Esterbrook Pen Co.
Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

 ESTERBROOK Assortment 302
No. 62 Crow Quill or Lithographic. Superlatively fine. Superlatively flexible.
No. 355 A superlatively fine small pen with. superlatively flexibility. Finest action.
No. 356 An extremely fine small pen with extra flexible action. [enlarged image]
No. 357 Medium size extra fine pen with super flexible action.
No. 358 Medium size fine pen with an extra flexible action
No. 0 Lettering Pen For clean sharp lettering.
Use holder No. 32 for Crow Quill Pens.
Use holder No. 35 for Nos. 354, 355 and 356.
For all other pens and scratch knife use standard size holder.
eBay Search eBay auctions for Esterbrook pens and nibs.
 Complete line of Art and Drafting pens
Esterbrook 1952 catalogue - page 28*Check out the complete line of Art and drafting pens on page 28 in Bill Acker's 1952 Esterbrook catalog
No. 62 Crow Quill Pen, Superflexible, Bronze finish.
No. 63 Crow Quill Pen, Long shoulder, fine, Gray.
No. 64 Crow Quill Pen, Long shoulder, superfine, Bronze.
No. 351 Lithographic Pen, Superfine, superflexible, Blue.
No. 352 Lithographic Pen, Superfine, flexible, Blue.
No. 354 Mapping Pen, Superfine, superflexible, Black.
No. 355 Drawing Pen, Superfine, superflexible, Black.
No. 356 Drawing Pen, Extra fine, extra flexible, Bronze.
No. 357 Drawing Pen, Extra fine, flexible, Bronze.
No. 358 Drawing Pen, Medium fine, flexible, Bronze.
»View enlarged image
 Different Stages of Steel Pens Manufacture
Esterbrook Nibs Manufacture*Learn the different stages of the Manufacture of Esterbrook Steel Pens on Bill Acker's site
1. Sheet Steel
2. Scrap Steel
3. Cut
4. Pierced
5. Marked
6. Raised

 7. Hardened and Tempered
 8. Ground
 9. Slit
10. Polished
11. Finished
12. Examined
»View enlarged image
*Check out Bill's scan of a 1928 Esterbrook Pen Holder advertisement.
 Esterbrook Company History

Richard Esterbrook PortraitEsterbrook, Camden , N.J."Richard Esterbrook opened a factory at the foot of Cooper Street. The Esterbrook Steel Pen Factory was established in 1858 with just 15 workers. At the time, two of the four pen companies located in the United States were situated in Camden. Besides Esterbrook, the first in the country, the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company at 7th and State streets produced pens, pencil sharpeners and allied products and employed 125 workers. At its height, the Esterbrook plant had 450 workers and produced 600,000 pens a day.

In 1964, Esterbrook moved from Camden to an industrial park off Route 70 in Cherry Hill. In November 1967, it merged with Venus Pen Co. of New York, and in 1969 Venus-Esterbrook phased out its Cherry Hill operations."
*Read more about the Esterbrook Company History...

*Read the article "Soup to ships: Camden's past as industrial powerhouse" by T.A. Bergbauer in South Jersey's news source: Courier Post Online

*More about Esterbrook's history on John M. Gwin's nib collecting site
 Esterbrook in Birmingham, UK
Fountain PensUK "In 1928, John Mitchell began making Esterbrook fountain pens by arrangement with Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd (UK agents for Esterbrook - an American firm - who were later reorganised as Esterbrook Hazell Pens Ltd). In 1947 the Mitchell business and the factory were sold to Esterbrook Hazell Pens Ltd, who in turn were bought out by the American Esterbrook company. Then in 1967 the Esterbrook Pen Co was taken over by the Venus Pencil Co, which had a modern factory in King's Lynn, Norfolk, to which production was gradually transferred, ceasing on the Moland Street site in 1972."

*Read the whole story on Bob Miles' page More about the pen trade
 Carl Barks — the Great Duck Man

scroogeDisney cartoonist Carl Barks (1901-2000) drew Donald Duck comic books for three decades. Barks invented Uncle Scrooge, Gladstone Gander, the Beagle Boys, Gyro Gearloose and many more characters. Carl Barks used the Esterbrook No.356 art and drafting pen.

*Looking for Carl Barks web sites? start here and read about the new book with Carl Barks interviews.
*Mickey Mouse cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson (1905-1986) used a Gillott 290
 Duckman by Everett Peck
duckmanEverett Peck, cartoonist, illustrator and creator of Duckman draws with Esterbrook 048 Falcon nibs. Visit his home page
»Search eBay auctions for Duckman comics and cartoons.
 Esterbrook's Pens in the Zanerian Catalog

Zanerian Catalog*Esterbrook Steel Pens in a vintage Zanerian College Catalog on the web site showing:

No. A-1 Professional Pen
No. 14 Bank Pen
No.048 Falcon
No.130 Easy Writer
No.313 Probate Pen
No.344 Double Line Ruling Pen
No.442 Jackson Stub
No.453 Business and College
No.556 Advanced School
No.570 Medium PointsSchool
No.788 Oval Point

»View enlarged image

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