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GET REAL NIBS!font links
Speech balloon
Four different shapes of speech or thought balloons
Ballon Speech balloons (also speech bubbles or word balloons) are a graphic convention used in comic books, strips, and cartoons to allow words (and much less often, pictures) to be understood as representing the speech or thoughts of a given character in the comic. There is often a formal distinction between the balloon that indicates thoughts and the one that indicates words spoken aloud: the bubble that conveys subjective thoughts is often referred to as a thought balloon.
»Read the history of Speech Ballons in Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Ban Comic Sans
No Comic Sans
»Read about the campaign to stop the overuse and abuse of the font Comic Sans.
Vincent Connare
»Ban Comic Sans vinyl sticker from
ban comic sans
»Ban Comic Sans vinyl sticker from our US advertiser
I love Comic Sans
»Here is a site for the Comic Sans lovers.

THE Lettering Book
Comicraft Book
NEWComic Book Lettering The Comicraft Way
by Richard Starkings & John "JG" Roshell; cover by Brian Bolland
Active Images 2003
ISBN 0974056731
»From the award-winning Comicraft studio, 64 pages of comic book lettering tips and tricks! This full-color, step-by-step guide is superbly illustrated with two Hip Flask strips: one by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen, and the other by Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill!
Pop Art Volume
»This font set was developed by P22 type foundry for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and is inspired by their collection of Pop Art. Artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rauchenberg sought to blur the lines between high and low art as well as the boundaries between art and everyday life. The alphabets and extras in this set reflect that spirit.
basketBuy the Pop Art font set from our advertiser, powered by Agfa|Monotype.
Create your own fonts
Fontographer 4.1 Mac
»Easily expand existing fonts to include fractions symbols foreign characters and logos, or create an entire typeface from scratch.

Comics and Cartoon Lettering fonts
I DON'T REMEMBER who said there are more than 60000 fonts available on the net. But it can be hard to find a good font for comic book lettering. Here is a list of all the dialogue fonts I know. I started searching for fonts with Swedish accents but now I am listing all the fonts I find. There are no downloads on my site. I try to link to the original type designers. For lettering tutorials click here. If you are looking for special effects fonts try these links
 Comics lettering books
ta-daDC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics is a new book by by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein.
(nov 2004)
The Comicraft Way Comic Book Lettering The Comicraft Way by Richard Starkings and John Roshell is a book you must read if you are interested in Comic Book Lettering. Read more at Comicraft
 Lettering fonts
International Characters - Swedish Letters

The Swedish flag indicates fonts with the Swedish alphabet and most often all international accents and characters.
Comicraft Active Images - Comicraft
Richard Starkings Comicraft - the comics industry's premier lettering and design company. Some fonts has international characters.
Blambot Blambot
- Nate Piekos' free and commercial comics fonts for MAC and PC.
A.C.M.E Secret Agent FREE - A.C.M.E.Secret Agent has Swedish and International characters. (MAC TT,PS & PC TT)
Edible Pet Int. FREE - de flagEdible Pet International with German accents but without the letter »Å« is no longer available (?).
barks D.O.N.A.L.D
FREE - Carl Barks Script with lots of international characters and accents - D.O.N.A.L.D is a German Donald Duck association. (MAC & PC)
Rehr Normal FREE - Rehr Normal by Swedish illustrator Johan Cedmar Brandstedt - based on the handlettering of Danish cartoonist Henrik Rehr. (MAC & PC) [alternative url]
Kverneland FREE - Kverneland by Johan Cedmar Brandstedt is based on the handlettering of Norwegian cartoonist Steffen Kverneland.
ITC Fontoon ITC Fontoon
ITC Fontoon is based on Steve Zafarana's own hand lettering, which he uses for cartoon »bubbles«. MAC, PC, PostScript, TrueType.
The Lab
Apostrophic Lab
FREE - Komika
Designed by WolfBainX and Apostrophe. 50 fonts split over 5 packages, with 10 fonts in each. Complete character sets. Text, display, titling, you name it... (MAC & PC)
[Download at daFont]
Ulixa is a commercial comic book typeface from alphabet-design by Canadian designer Branimir Zlamalik R.G.D.
Comic Pro Dir Dam Foundry
Antonio G. de Santiago's
Comic Pro, Comic Camelot
and Comic Ignatz used to be available at
(closed in March 2001) MAC & PC, TrueType & Postscript. Now try MyFonts or JY&A Fonts for ComicPro.
asterix Le Asterix
Le Asterix EF Regular - Elsner+Flake font family is available from
Loose Cruse Blue Vinyl Fonts new url
FREE - Loose Cruse
& Loose Cruse Bold - original font creations from artist Howard Cruse. (MAC & PC)
...witzworx Witzworx new url
SHAREWARE comic book font by Ron Evry. MAC & Windows TrueType, Macintosh Postscript (Type 1).
ABCDabcd WhizBang
Comics font for MAC and Windows, Postscript (Type 1) and TrueType.
ActionMan Iconian Fonts
Action Man
, by Dan Zadorozny.
ComicBookCommando FREE - Comic Book Commando, MAC & PC TrueType. NEW VERSION, May 20, 2001 with extended character set, better hinting, spacing and kerning.
VIGILANTE FREE - Vigilante Notes , by Dan Zadorozny comes with 5 variant fonts (PC)
Cartoonist Hand
SF Cartoonist Hand
- by Derek Vogelpohl (mac & pc).
Arch Rival FREE - SF Arch Rival. [Download at Typoasis]
Marker Man Harold's Fonts
FREE - Markerman
by Harold Lohner - TrueType for MAC and Windows.
mn comic strip Comic Strip MN
Comic Strip MN (Mecanorma) by J. P. Thaulez. Available from
Dupuy Typoasis
- Dupuy Family
11 fonts by David Rakowski, Windows TrueType.
Tonio AdamAnt
FREE - Tonio
and Wasted - Antonio Bucus TrueType fonts for MAC and PC.
Chinacat Dogstar SHAREWARE - Chinacat, McGannahan, Dupree, Hooteroll, Fennario. MAC and PC TrueType fonts. Chinacat is based on Hunt Emerson's lettering.
Classic Comic Abracadabra /Anigma New Media
FREE - Britcomics, Chunkycomix, Classic Comic, Litho Comic. - Windows TrueType fonts
Pasteris Font-a-licious
- Pasteris
- Ben Balvanz' font based on Matthew Pasteris' hand lettering. TrueType, MAC and PC.
Comic Sans Microsoft
FREE - Comic Sans MS
is a web font by Vincent Connare. It is not designed for print. Do not use it in comic books. TrueType, MAC & PC.
Dreamer Dreamer DD is the flagship balloon lettering font from Dreamer Design. Commercial fonts. No international characters. MAC & PC
Letterer Vigilante Typeface Corporation
FREE - Letterer, SundayKomix, Komixation and Stressed Hand by WolfBainX. Windows TrueType.
[Download at Typoasis]
ComicsCarToon ComicsCarToon SHAREWARE by Pat Snyder. (MAC & IBM) (Download at tyWorld for example)
TalkBalloons FREE - TalkBalloons (Download at tyWorld for example)
Comictalk, Flimflam, Grit
etc. Comic Fonts - 8 fonts package, MAC and PC, TrueType and Postscript.
chockablock ElemenoChockablock by Alexander Grecian is based on the "Peanuts" hand lettering of Charles Schulz. Buy at
Wonderwords Wonderwords
Bruce McCorkindale created Wonderwords
for Image Comics' »The Nameless«, MAC & PC TrueType.
blcomic Blue Line Productions has the BLComic lettering font for sale. TrueType MAC & PC.
hyattart Hyatt Art
FREE - Hyattartdotcom10, Rebirthmania
and EZComix - original comic book fonts by Dave Hyatt. MAC, PC, TrueType & PostScript.
FREE - Robert Kemp's Comicka.
Uppercase is identical to lowercase but slightly larger. Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic, TrueType PC.
Balloon Lettering FREE - W. Allen Montgomery's Yikes! and Balloon Lettering - in two faces, Normal and Stressed. TrueType PC.
Gnat Font FREE - Kaare Andrews Gnat Font - TrueType PC.
LT Cartoon Script Linotype Library
Cartoon Script roman - MAC,PC.
comic strip volume BLURP!Comic Strip Volume
Comic Strip
by Gérard Mariscalchi contains 6 fonts: Regular, Italic, Classic Regular, Classic Italic, Poster and Exclaim Regular - MAC,PC.
I hate comic sans FREE -  I Hate Comic Sans by Dale Thorpe in Australia is no longer available on Utopiafonts (MAC & PC)
Redhorse, Fuse Bluetoaster
FREE -  Redhorse
and Fuse - fonts by Bobby Nenadovic. (PC)
TPF Rubber Ducky Typophil
FREE - TPF Rubber Ducky
by Christoph Scheiblhofer - TrueType, (PC).
All Star Productions
FREE - U.F.P.O.L.T. by Phillip Cavette - Uniforms for People of Limited Taste - Inspired by the lettering of Dan Piraro c:a 1988. Go to the artwerk/misc section. (MAC & PC)
Zanzig Mark Zanzig
FREE -  Lettering and Lettering weird - fonts by Mark Zanzig. (PC)
ZONO Zono fonts
Zono and Zoonotoon - fonts by Rik Livingston. (MAC & PC) [Download at a1fonts]
Comic Book
Comic Book - by Neale Davidson. (MAC & PC) [Download at dafont] (Read aboutNeale on Protoformproject)
Will Eisner - Spirit Font Environment
FREE - Hommage to W. Eisner
Dingbatfont by Samuel Marcius with images and logos from Will Eisner's »The Spirit«. (MAC & PC)
 [ = dead link - site has moved or disappeared
from its last known address]

Luc Devroye's site
Comic/cartoon fonts
»On snot and fonts« - Font links compiled and edited by Luc Devroye.
Lettering Tutorials Lettering School How to use the fonts? Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, Lettering FAQ. All you need to know about comics and cartoon lettering. Links to lettering articles and interviews.
Disney Fonts, Kids Fonts, Fun Fonts Fun Fonts
Links to fun fonts, »Disney« Fonts, Kids Fonts...
Font Links Fontlinks
Check these sites for display and special effect fonts.
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Hans Presto
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swedishTexta pratbubblor med dator
*DET LÄR FINNAS minst 60000 typsnitt på nätet. Ändå är det svårt att hitta särskilt många som är bra för att texta pratbubblor. Ett användbart typsnitt måste åtminstone ha VERSALER (stora bokstäver), Kursiv och Fet stil, siffror, skiljetecken och förstås svenska bokstäver. Gemener (små bokstäver) behövs också ibland.
*Jag har letat speciellt efter typsnitt för Macintosh med svenska bokstäver men här redovisas allt jag hittat som kan vara till nytta för serieskapare.
*Lite mer om hur man gör när man textar med datorn kan du läsa här
Svenska bokstäver
»Accented Letters« - »International Characters« saknas ofta bland gratistypsnitten. Svenska flaggan visar var jag hittat ÅÄÖ.

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Datatextning serier
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TINTIN lettering
Tintin Talking
»Download FREE Tintin and Tintin Talking fonts on
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LCD Display font
SF Digital Readout
Calculator font from ShyFonts. Includes regular, condensed, upright, expanded and thick fonts. FREE Download at Typasis or 1001fonts (pc)
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