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Hand Chart : Principles, Proportions, Classification and Analysis - written by Spencer Brothers.
Spencerian Ladies Hand
»Spencerian Ladies' Hand
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HUNT 22 B pen point
»HUNT 22B EXTRA FINE - Bronze finish pen for ornamental writing and fine ruling - medium stiff.
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»HUNT 56 SCHOOL - Fine, bronze finish drawing pen for art and writing - stiff action.
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HUNT 101
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»George Bickham, English calligrapher and engraver compiled »The Universal Penman« in the 1740s from the best specimens of the leading penmen of his day.
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»Speedball Oblique Pen Set
Contains the necessary tools to accomplish Copperplate / Spencerian Script. Has oblique penholder with four Hunt No. 101 and two No. 103 pen points.
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Coca-Cola / Coke
»Who did really design the Coca-Cola logo script? The company bookkeeper Frank Mason Robinson? engraver Frank Ridge? or penman Louis Madarasz? The question is discussed in Henning's An Elegant Hand.
Coca-Cola»According to the Coca-Cola Company soon after John S Pemberton invented Coca-Cola® in 1886 his friend and bookkeeper, F.M. Robinson chose the name. He wrote the words in the now familiar flowing ”Spencerian” script and Coca-Cola® was registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office in 1893.
»View the original Coca-Cola trademark
Serial number: 70022406
Filed: May 14, 1892
Reg. Number: 0022406
Reg. Date: Jan.31, 1893
in the USPTO
Loki Cola
»Loki Cola FREE cola font. Download at (mac,pc)
Check for updates. A new version of Loki-Cola is coming soon on Dale Harris' personal web site, formerly Utopiafonts.
American Pop Font
»American Pop is a commercial cola font available at FontMesa
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Higgins Eternal

»Higgins Eternal Black Writing Ink
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»duchessmartin — find samples of Spencerian handwriting and Ornamental Penmanship on Duchess Martin's photo page in the Webshots Community
US penman
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Spencerian Penmanship
»Theory of Spencerian Penmanship; in nine easy lessons
Platt R. Spencer
Mott Media 1985

ISBN 088062082X

»This book explains how all the letters can be made gracefully and rapidly using various combinations of a few basic pen strokes. It explains Spencer's philosophy of teaching principles. It also details his methods for teaching classes of children.
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»Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship - Copybook Vol.1-5
Platt R. Spencer
Mott Media
The five Spencerian copybooks make a complete course in elementary school handwriting. They can be used in any of the grades. Book 1 Introduces all the short letters. Only four strokes, or principles, as Spencer called them, are needed to produce these letters. Book 2:Adds some of the tall letters - t and d - and the figures 1-9. Book 3: Completes the lower case alphabet and introduces most of the capitals also. Book 4: Completes the capital alphabet and provides practice on all the letters as they appear in words. Book 5: Presents sentences and sayings for writing practice. Examples: Kind words can never die. Promise little and do much.«
Köp Spencerian Copybooks från
[Vol.1] [Vol.2] [Vol.3] [Vol.4] [Vol.5]
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»Vol.1 ISBN 0880620838
»Vol.2 ISBN 0880620846
»Vol.3 ISBN 0880620854
»Vol.4 ISBN 0880620862
»Vol.5 ISBN 0880620870
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»The best Steel Pens are the Spencerian vintage trade card
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»Spencerian Pen am de bests 1898 trade card
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»We use Spencerian Pens trade card
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Spencerian Steel Pens Are the Bes
»Spencerian Pen Co, vintage advertisement
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»Spencerian Pen Co, 1906 advertisement
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Spencerian Penmanship
»Learning to Write Spencerian Script
Michael and Debra Sull (Debra E. Rapp)

"Detailed, step-by-step instructions with hundreds of examples of both standard and alternate letter forms."
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Spencerian Steel Pen Co.
*The Spencerian Steel Pen Pen Co. was formed In 1858 as a subsidiary of the publisher Ivison Phinney Publishing Company, later known as Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman, & Co., and finally in 1869 as Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Co. The New York City-based pen company, was a pen distribution company, that purchased its nibs from an English manufacturer, having no factories of its own. The Spencerian pens were made in Birmingham by Sir Josiah Mason for Perry & Co.
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Double-Elastic Pen*This is the Spencerian Double-Elastic Pen, No.1, Ex.fine, distributed by Ivison, Phinney & CoSpencerian No.1 Ex.fine
”Dream Points” — The Spencerian No.1 is a popular vintage nib for Ornamental script. Other sought after nibs are: Gillott Principality, Gillott 604EF, Gillott 303, Musselman Perfection and the Zanerian FineWriter.
»View the "dream points" from
Vintage tin with one dozen Spencerian Steel Pens.

(Da locum melioribus =
”Give place to your betters”)
Spencerian Nibs Boxes
Spencerian Nibs No.30    Spencerian Nibs No.42
*Spencerian Bronze Falcon No.30.   *Spencerian Gold Point No.42.
Spencerian Nibs No.69   Spencerian EVERBRITE No.249
*Spencerian School Series No.69 Elementary School.   *Spencerian Everbrite No.249 Rustless.

Spencerian Advertising

Spencerian Pen Co., New York*Printed card with actual steel nibs, The Spencerian Pen Co. New York, ”Shewing the fifteen different processes of manufacture from the sheet steel to the finished pen.”
Graphic Arts Ephemera Collection - Princeton University Library
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SPENCERIAN - The best pen name*This nibs sample in the Smithsonian Libraries collections includes eleven of the most popular styles of Spencerian steel pen points and their corresponding signature styles:

No. 1 College
No. 2 Counting House
No.31 Pilot
No.40 Falcon (flexible)
No.80 Falcon (stiff)
No.18 Society Stub
No.28 Congressional
No.39 Subway Stub
No.42 Gold Point
No.43 Aviator
No.47 National Bank

»View enlarged image


Zanerian Catalog*Spencerian Steel Pens in a vintage Zanerian Catalog on the web site showing:

No. 1 College
No. 2 Counting House
No. 5 School
No. 7 Lithographic Pen
No.12 Mapping
No.14 Artistic
No.25 Drawing Pen
No.28 Congressional
No.38 Signature Pen
No.39 Subway Stub
No.42 Gold Point Pen

No.48 Sterling Pen

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Platt Rogers Spencer
”the man who taught America to write”

Spencer, Platt RogersSPENCER, Platt Rogers, originator of the Spencerian system of penmanship, born in East Fish-kill, Dutchess County, New York, 7 November, 1800; died in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio, 16 May, 1864. His father, Caleb, a farmer and soldier of the Revolution, died in 1806, and in 1810 the family removed to Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio, then a wilderness. The son was passionately fond of writing. Paper being difficult to get, he wrote on birch-bark, sand, ice, snow, the fly-leaves of his mother's Bible, and by permission of a cobbler, upon the leather in his shop. In 1815 he taught his first writing-class. From 1816 till 1821 he was a clerk and book-keeper, and from 1821 till 1824 he studied law, Latin, English literature, and penmanship, taught in a common school, and wrote up merchants' books. In 1824 he contemplated entering college with a view to preparing for the ministry, but, being a victim of inherited alcoholism aggravated by the prevalent drinking customs, he fell and his plans were changed. He then taught in New York and Ohio. In 1832 he became a total abstainer, and was, as he believed, the first public advocate in this country of that principle, for which he labored during the remainder of his life. Soon after his reformation he was elected to public office, and was county treasurer twelve years. He was instrumental in collecting the early history of Ashtabula county, and was deeply interested in American history. He early engaged actively in the anti-slavery movement and was an advocate of universal liberty. Through his work and influence as a teacher, by his system of penmanship, through his pupils, and by his public addresses and encouragement, he was instrumental in founding the business colleges of the United States and in promoting their growth and development. In the winter of 1864 Mr. Spencer delivered before the business college in Brooklyn, New York, his last lecture, and gave his last course of lessons in the business college in New York city. His first publications on penmanship were issued in 1848 under the name of ”Spencer and Rice's System of Business and Ladies' Penmanship,” later published under the title of ”Spencerian or Semi-Angular Penmanship.” His other publications on penmanship appeared from 1855 till 1863. The ”New Spencerian Compendium,” issued in parts, was completed in 1886.

cut Biography taken from:

Edited Appletons Encyclopedia,
Copyright © 2001 VirtualologyTM


Elegant HandRead more about P.R. Spencer in
W.E. Henning's book An Elegant Hand
Oil painting by Junius R. Sloan, P.R. Spencer, ca. 1850,
Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University
Platt Roger SpencerP.R. Spencer, portrait and original specimen of writing on

* See the grave of Platt Rogers Spencer
MMott Media — Publisher of the Spencerian Penmanship books. Five copybooks and a theory book

An Elegant Hand
An Elegant HandAn Elegant Hand : The Golden Age of American Penmanship and Calligraphy
by William E. Henning,
and edited by Paul Melzer

Oak Knoll Press, April 2002, hardcover, 320 pages, 400 illustrations, ISBN 1584560673
Fig.4.54 Soennecken No.1*Henning guides the reader through the lives and careers of some of the most important American penmen in history. A partial list of famous penmen the author covers are: Platt Rogers Spencer, the Father of American Handwriting; George A. Gaskell (Spencer's gifted student), whose books and periodicals reached hundreds of thousands of students throughout the second half of the 1800s; Louis Madarasz, considered the most skillful of all writers in shaded script; Austin N. Palmer, whose method of penmanship was taught throughout American schools, etc.
Fig.4.8. Western Penman, April 1898*With over 400 illustrations, many from the author's father's collection which he began in the early 1890s. An Elegant Hand offers an exciting and detailed view of the many styles of penmanship and calligraphy: Spencerian Script; Ornamental Penmanship; flourished designs of birds; Copperplate; business writing (many variations); broad-pen calligraphy, especially German Text and Old English; and many other styles.
*Published posthumously (Henning died in 1996), this book was edited by rare book dealer and autograph collector Paul Melzer.
ABCDEFG - Spencerian Capitals
Spencerian style capitals by Lyman Spencer. Engraved by A.McLees, 1871. (An Elegant Hand, page 7, fig. 1.4, detail)
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Publisher's site
Editor's site
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