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E. A. Lupfer
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 Lupfer in action
Lupfer at  his desk
”Mr Lupfer at his desk signing his name to a Zanerian College diploma in 1947”
»View a large image in the files section of the OP Group on Yahoo!
Lupfer - Fearon
”E.A. Lupfer and E.H.Fearon at a banquet”
»View a large image at IAMPETH
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EA Lupfer

Calligraphy design, Zanerian College, Columbus, Ohio
Original Calligraphy design in ornamental penmanship design of the name E A Lupfer, 8x12 inches (160x285mm) on heavy paper. Found in a box of memorabalia from the Zanerian Art College, aka Zanerian College of Penmanship, Zaner and Bloser Handwriting, Columbus, Ohio. Mr Lupfer was originally from Reading Pa area and went to penmanship school at Zanerian in 1908 and taught penmanship and other calligraphy classes there from 1909 to 1955.«
(This wonderful piece of penmanship was purchased on eBay in February 2002, eBay item #1012832362; seller:

eBay Search eBay auctions for Ornamental Penmanship or Calligraphy

LupferMR. LUPFER wrote the first 21 pages »Lessons in Roundhand or Engrosser's script« in »The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing« — probably the best instructional book for Engrosser's script or Copperplate ever published. He is also the author of the nice little book »Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy«.

*Check out »The Penmen Archives« on and »Master Penmen« on The Elegant for more examples of E A Lupfer's calligraphy.


Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy

Fascinating Pen Flourishing
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy:
Instructions and over 150 Examples
E. A. Lupfer

Format: Paperback,
ISBN: 0486219577
Publisher: Dover Publications

From the Publisher: The traditional ornamental art of 'flourishing.' Complete instructions and examples help you create your own magnificent swirls, delicately shaded curves, harmoniously crisscrossing lines, from which birds, rabbits, deer, ribbons and other objects gracefully emerge. Over 150 copyright-free illustrations may also be applied to a multitude of graphic-arts and design purposes.

Republication (1982) of edition published in 1951 under the title
»Fascinating Pen Flourishing« by the Zaner-Bloser Company.
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The Zanerian Manual
Zanerian Manual
Zanerian Manual, detail, p.2
Zanerian Manual, detail, p.3
Standard Zanerian Engrosser's Script
The Zanerian Manual
of Alphabets and Engrossing

Copyright 1981
Zaner-Bloser, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio

From the Publisher: This work was first published as »Zanerian Alphabets« in 1895. Since that, edition after edition has been published and sold, indicating a steady demand for a work of this character.

»The first 21 pages by E.A. Lupfer provide some of the best copperplate instruction available. He is a master of the hand. Other engrossing alphabets are shown as well as many examples of engrossed pieces.«

*The Zanerian Manual is available from specialist bookstores like johnnealbooks and paperinkarts.
An Elegant Hand
An Elegant Hand

An Elegant Hand : The Golden Age of American Penmanship and Calligraphy
by William E. Henning,
and edited by Paul Melzer

Oak Knoll Press, April 2002, hardcover, 320 pages, 400 illustrations, ISBN 1584560673

* Henning guides the reader through the lives and careers of some of the most important American penmen in history. Read more...

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iampeth »IAMPETH The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers & Teachers of Handwriting.
Ziller »Ziller of Kansas Cityengrossing art studio founded by Frederick W. Tamblyn in 1895. Stephen A. Ziller, a Zanerian College graduate took over the business in 1936. The business is now run by Vivian and Richard Mungall.
»The American Penman was published by A. N. Palmer. The magazine was devoted to Penmanship and other fields of Business Education.
COMING SOON: The entire January 1932 issue online [preview]
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Nib Shop »The Nib Store — Check out the special assortment of one dozen vintage Copperplate Nibs.

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Higgins Eternal

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Bickham books

George Bickham, English calligrapher and engraver compiled »The Universal Penman« in the 1740s from the best specimens of the leading penmen of his day. [read more]
Spencerian Penmanship
Theory of Spencerian Penmanship; in nine easy lessons
Platt R. Spencer
Mott Media 1985

ISBN 088062082X

»This book explains how all the letters can be made gracefully and rapidly using various combinations of a few basic pen strokes. It explains Spencer's philosophy of teaching principles. It also details his methods for teaching classes of children.
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Tamblyn, FW

F. W. Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship
ISBN 0971929505 Publisher: Ziller of Kansas City
(8th edition, 2002)

»Concise instructions about methods of practice, posture, positioning, deep breathing, and selection, use and care of supplies as well as the importance of clothing, speed, counting, drills, movements, touch and form. Learn to improve your everyday handwriting by studying the business writing lessons that cover each letter of the alphabet, both upper and lower case."
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Handwriting in America
A Cultural History

Tamara Plakins Thornton
ISBN 0300074417
Yale University Press, 1996
»Copybooks and the Palmer method, handwriting analysis and autograph collecting - these words conjure up a lost world, in which people looked to handwriting as both a lesson in conformity and a talisman of individuality. In this engaging history, ranging from colonial times to the present, Tamara Plakins Thornton explores the shifting functions and meanings of handwriting in America.
*Professor Thornton's website University at Buffalo History Department
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  Favorite Font
Madisonian Font
Madisonian was found in a Bruce's New-York Type-foundry catalogue dated from 1859. The lower cases have the feeling of a Bodoni Italic and the initials have a "spencerian" touch. This font did exist originaly in a single weight. The family has been extended with a bold and an engraved version by Thierry Puyfoulhoux at French type foundry Présence Typo
shopDownload the Madisonian font at
The Bruce Type Foundry in New York was founded in 1813, and lasted until 1901, when it was acquired by ATF. Read the history on Luc Devroye's web site


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