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*Fonts.tk — about fonts for special purposes
airplaneAircraft fonts — for skinners, gamers and scale modellers
*Complete Character Chart
*Comic Book fonts — comics and cartoon lettering
Sick of Comic Sans? check out the alternatives
*Copperplate — favourite script fonts
*Edward Johnston — type designer, calligrapher...
*Le Corbusier — “Charrette” architects font
*Font links — free fonts for display and special effects
*Fun fonts — kids fonts, famous fonts, Disney fonts...
*Logos — 99 script logos : inspiration for students and designers
*London Underground — Johnston's tube typeface
*FREE Military Symbols
*Motor Racing and Hot Rod Fonts
*Sign painter's font links
*Stencil fonts — army, navy, airforce, military fonts
*FREE Stencil fonts
*Swedish Alphabet — 29 letters including ÅÄÖ
*Swedish Hand Alphabet — fingerspelling
*M*A*S*H — tv show logo font
*Trajan Inscription — lettering in Rome 114 A.D.
*USAAF stencil font — free WWII font
+Wedding fonts — beautiful fonts for invitations

Book of the year — my favorite book 2004
Cabarga, LeslieLogo, Font & Lettering Bible
Leslie Cabarga
ISBN 1581804369
Hardcover, 240pp
F & W Publications, 2004

»This book is mainly about how to draw letters in Illustrator and Fontographer, how to turn those letters into logos and fonts, and how to understand what makes a piece of lettering or a font good or bad. It's got tons of examples of great work from dozens of contributors and from many eras.«
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sweden Köp boken från Bokus bokhandel
»Read more on Leslie Cabarga's site
In Swedish — På svenska
Jais-Nielsen, EvaTidskriftsdesign
av Eva Jais-Nielsen
ISBN 9170370362
Ordfront, 2004

»Tidskriftsdesign är den första svenska, hett efterlängtade, handboken om grafisk formgivning i tidskrifter och magasin. Boken beskriver 'bygget' av hela tidskriften med ledare, notiser, krönikor, artiklar och annonser. Vi får handfasta tips, exempel på layoutmallar och en genomgång av olika designprinciper...«
»Läs mer på ordfront.se
sweden Köp Tidskriftsdesign från Bokus bokhandel
Interesting Typeface
zero one»ZeroOne, designed by Carl Fredrik Hultenheim is intended for the daily, colloquial use in newspapers and magazines, publicity and general job printing, i.e. most contemporary printing. Digital production by Jonas Böttiger.
»Read more on www.bottiger.se
Kids Fonts, Fun Fonts Military Fonts copperplate DISNEY
Spitfire Font COMICS M*A*S*H search nibs

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All images, characters, logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners and are used here either with permission or in an editorial fashion only. Content on this site is 2000-2005 BLAM®. Hans Presto is a Swedish lettering-artist and art-teacher. BLAM design supplies new and vintage steel pen nibs (pen points) to Scandinavian cartoonists and calligraphers.
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fyrisfonts.com — artiklar av Stefan Lundhem.
Bold : Digitala Typsnitt — av Kalle Wångstedt .
Cap & Design
¶ Köp Typografisk Handbok av Christer Hellmark från Bokus.com
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Stop Stealing Sheep
sheepStop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works
Erik Spiekermann, E.M. Ginger
ISBN 0201703394
Paperback, 188pp
Second Edition, July 2002
Adobe Press Books / Peachpit Press
Pearson Education
This revised edition brings Stop Stealing Sheep thoroughly up to date, covering new type technology, fresh typefaces, and a discussion of how to choose type for best effect on the web, email, and screens of all sizes.”
Erik Spiekermann's site
¶ Review on creativepro.com
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