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M*A*S*H Logo
"As far as I know the MASH tv show logo lettering font has not been digitalized for computer use. It looks like a custom designed stencil version of Cooper Black Condensed”
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Cooper Black
Cooper Black Condensed
»EF Cooper Black CE Bold Condensed
"Cooper Black Condensed by Chicago designer Oswald Bruce Cooper (1879-1940) was first released in 1925-1926.”
»Read more about Oswald Bruce Cooper in typebox
Cooper Black Flash MovieCooper Black, Behind the Typeface — flash movie by Cheshire Dave Beckerman.
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Truck Lettering
Truck Lettering
»Sign Painting on Trucks Is Easy With Stencils
article from "Popular Mechanics Shop Notes 1945" on Colin Macgregor Stevens' military history web site
»Modern Civilian Truck Lettering and Pinstriping
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Stencil Stencil The original classic stencil typeface. Stencil was designed by the American designer Gerry Powell (born 1899) and appeared with American Type Founders in 1938. It is a faithful imitation of a stencilled slab serif alphabet. The alphabet is composed of only capital letters and Stencil's characters are probably best known and recognized as those often found on crates and boxes. Stencil font contains one weight.
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rubber stamp Rubber Stamp Designed by the oustanding British designer Alan Birch, this dramatic typeface conveys all the immediacy, impact and effect of a stencil or rubber stamp on paper. Suitable for many large display applications, and any work that would be enhanced by a stencil, branding or rubber stamp effect.
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glaser stencil Glaser Stencil from1973 by leading American graphic designer Milton Glaser, designer of the famous logo iloveny
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pop art stencil Pop Art Stencil by Richard Kegler, senior partner and founder of P22 type foundry. This font set was developed for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and is inspired by their collection of Pop Art. Artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rauchenberg sought to blur the lines between high and low art as well as the boundaries between art and everyday life.
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portago itc Portago by Luis Siquot is a strong, bold alphabet of caps and slightly smaller caps. It's based on lettering painted onto crates and luggage and steel plates. "My intention drawing Portago," says Siquot, "was to obtain a neutral, classical, very condensed grotesque stencil shape that is readable in text sizes, showing at the same time the 'movement' produced by the nicked edges. And of course the more obvious rough effect in headline sizes." He intends Portago to look at though it was stenciled onto an unpolished or rustic wooden box.
»Show sample or buy ITC Portago at
Futura Black Futura Black Josef Albers drew this stencil sanserif form at the Bauhaus in 1926. German designer Paul Renner (1878-1956) made it into a typeface in 1929, and included it in the Futura series.
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»Check out the EF Futura Black Regular from Elsner and Flake
Campaign Campaign created in 1987 by British designer Alan Meeks. A bold sans serif typeface in which a stencil element that creates a strong feeling of immediacy has been incorporated. Campaign looks best when closely letter and word spaced. It is a striking choice for large display sizes such a posters and billboards. A bold sans serif typeface in which a stencil element has been incorporated that creates a strong feeling of immediacy.
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Schablone Regular
Schablone Label Rough Negative

Schablone Label Rough

Schablone by German designer Frank Heine (born in 1964). Since 1991 Heine has designed a series of new typefaces that are distributed through several foundries. In 1994 he founded his own company, U.O.R.G. in Stuttgart.
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 2 Rebels
Stencil Full
»Stencil Full by Belgian designer Clotilde Olyff (b.1962) is available from 2Rebels in Montreal.
 Club 21
»Paintworks, Signplate, Brassplate, Roadworks and Greenwich are some nice stencil fonts from Julian Morey's Club 21 type foundry. Download at
»Boxcar - Characters taken from the stencilled lettering found on the side of railcars by
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Description STENCIL SET, MARKING, Used by military branches: ARMY, NAVY, NAVY/SP, USAF, IMMUS ARMY, Stencil Set "Gothic-style set of characters can be interlocked or joined to form a single strip. Each set includes a complete alphabet, numbers 0 through 9, an ampersand, a comma, an apostrophe, a period, two spaces and three end pieces. Use them to compose reusable stencils for marking shipments, signs, posters and similar items. All pieces are made of brass and come packed together in a convenient storage box."

National Stock Number, NSN 7520-00-375-9181 sign painting set. 7520-00-298-7043 1" stencils, 7520-00-272-9680 1.5" stencils, 7520-00-298-7044 2" stencils, 7520-00-272-96833" stencils, 7520-00-272-9684 5" stencils