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»ITC Johnston Italic Family Package David Farey and Richard Dawson has designed italics that would serve as a proper complement to the roman weights. The result is a distinctive, exceptionally versatile and ultimately handsome typeface family.
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»Buy the the ITC Johnston Family Package from ITC - International Typeface Corporation.
NEW»ITC Johnston Italic Family Package
P22 extras
»The legendary sans serif design developed for the London Underground in 1916 is available in an exclusive arrangement with the London Transport Museum and the P22 foundry. The extras feature graphic elements inspired by the design motifs of items including maps, tile patterns and seat covers. Check out the P-22 version of the font:
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Johnstons Underground Type
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Writing & Illuminating & Lettering

Edward Johnston
ISBN 0486285340
Dover Publications

Classic study of penmanship, lettering and illumination covers fundamentals of acquiring a formal hand, creating manuscript books, techniques of illumination, lettering and methods of constructing and arranging letters, the Roman alphabet and its derivatives, lettering on metal, wood and stone, other topics. Many useful exercises. 250 illustrations.
This reference book was first published in 1906 and has become a bible for any serious calligrapher.

swedish Edward Johnstons klassiker, ursprungligen från 1906, är ett måste i bokhyllan. Boken nytrycks om och om igen. (Detta är en återutgivning av 1946 års tryckning av den reviderade upplagan från 1939.)

WRITING & ILLUMINATING, & LETTERING av Edward Johnston, med diagram och illustrationer av författaren och Noel Rooke är en handbok för kalligrafer. Den innehåller det mesta som är värt att veta om traditionella material och metoder, till exempel hur man skär gåspennor och hur man lägger bladguld.

ERIC GILL har skrivit kapitlet - »Inscriptions in Stone«.

EDWARD JOHNSTON, Brittisk kalligraf (1872-1944) studerade medeltidens handskrifter och återupptäckte gamla tekniker. Han undervisade på London Central School of Arts and Crafts samt vid Royal College of Art. Han skapade också det typsnitt som sedan 1916 används på skyltarna i Londons tunnelbana.

swedish Köp Writing & Illuminating & Lettering från - bokus [Klicka här]

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Edward Johnston, 1902. Photographed at Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Lessons in formal writingLessons in Formal Writing

Edward Johnston
Edited by Heather Child and Justin Howes
ISBN 0800846427
Taplinger Publishing Company, 1986

From The Publisher »This volume brings together important material by Edward Johnston which was out of print or previously unpublished and provides a natural successor to Formal Penmanship.«

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Decoration and its usesDecoration and Its Uses
Edward Johnston, John Charles Tarr
ISBN 0898154014
Ten Speed Press, 1991

From The Publisher
»Johnston traces the development of letterforms and type, and the use and application of formal writing. Among the topics of importance to calligraphers and designers are the value of decoration, its proper application, and its practice and usage. Includes diagrams of page layouts illustrating how calligraphy is applied to book work. The essay was handlettered in 1930 by John C. Tarr, a former student of Johnstons, to illustrate the teachings of his past master. The pages were sewn into a simple paper over boards binding with a cloth spine. It was originally published in book form in 1971. This new edition re-introduces the book to a new audience.«

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Johnstons Underground TypeEdward Johnston
Priscilla Johnston
ISBN 0800823672
Taplinger Publishing, 1976

From the Publisher
»Now, for the first time, his story has been told - that of a man devoid of personal ambition who was inspired by his love of the book hands to rediscover techniques which had been lost with the invention of printing and, by training up students, to make calligraphy a living craft.«

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Johnstons Underground TypeJohnston's Underground Type
Justin Howes
ISBN 1854142313
Capital Transport Publishing, 2000

»Johnston's Underground Type« is the first book to document Johnston's work for London Transport in detail. An excellent book that covers all aspects of the design development of Edward Johnston's Underground typefaces in great detail. [read more]

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