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Vintage Advertisements
& Vintage Steel Pen Catalogs

Vintage Advertisements & Catalogs
Gillott - Sears Gillott's Steel Pens, 1902 edition of the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue
Gillott - Zaner Gillott's vintage nibs, Zanerian College Catalog
Zaner Catalog The complete Zanerian Pens Catalog featuring Gillott's steel pens, Spencerian Steel Pens, Esterbrook's Pens and Hunt's Round Pointed Pens is available at
Soennecken F. Soennecken Schreibwaren- u. Schreibmöbel-Fabrik »Writing implements- and writing furniture factory«
Bonn - Berlin - Leipzig.
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C.Brandauer C.Brandauer & Co Circular Pointed Pens, Birmingham.

Brause Kunstschriftgeräte

Brauses Kunstschriftgeräte
Brause + Co. Iserlohn.
Speedball Speedball® Lettering and Drawing
Speedball triple reservoir pens
style Speedball Pen.
Wilh. Becker AB Wilh. Becker Stockholm
Swedish Art Materials Catalog 1965
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Nibs How Steel Pens and Nibs Are Made
Photographs taken in the factory of Messrs. William Mitchell, Ltd. 1899.
William Mitchell William Mitchell's
Lettering Implements Catalogue
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E A Lupfer E A Lupfer
Ornamental Penmanship - Original Calligraphy Design.
Gillott Boxes Joseph Gillott
Vintage nib boxes.
Pelikan Graphos
Vintage nibs size chart
Esterbrook Pens Esterbrook Art & Drafting
Steel Nibs on advertising card
Hunt Pen Nibs Hunt Artist Pens
Vintage advertisement
The American Penman
Penmanship Magazine, January 1932
Rotring Graphos Rotring Graphos
How to use the Graphos Pen. Instructions in French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. (4 pages)
Pelikan Graphos Pelikan Graphos
From a 1938 filling instruction
Vespisten 3-1966
Vespisten 3/1966
Vespa Club Sweden
newsletter, September 1966
(16 pages)
teletype28 Teletype Corporation
Model 28 Page Printer
Vintage brochure (8 pages)
steel nibs Steel Nibs
New & vintage steel pen nibs for calligraphers, cartoonists and collectors. [in Swedish]
dip pens Pen links
Dip pens, Nibs, Pen points, Fountain pens, Leadholders, Pencils, Drafting tools,
other writing & drawing instruments.
Misc. pens & writing instruments
The images listed below were posted for reference or trading purposes. Some items might still be available for trade.

»Fountain Pens available for trade.
»Fountain Pen Spare Parts  available for trade.
»Gedess pencil sharpener leadpointer and US patent.
»Gillott nib boxes. [not for sale]
»Gillott sample envelope. [not for sale]
»Hinks, Wells & Co. Print Trimmers & Lance Erasers
»Leadholders available for trade.
»NEW«»Manga Nibs Japanese Steel Pens.
»Pelikan 120 Calligraphy Fountain Pen
»Pelikan Graphos Nib Chart.
»Platignum Calligraphy & Lettering Sets
»Rotring College Set
»Rotring Tikky pencils (1984/85 catalog)
»Steel Nib Boxes in my collection.
»Steel Nib Tins in my collection.


Retrolounge Retrolounge by Patrícia Gaspar - bringing you the best of bygone eras - an excellent collection of links to vintage advertising sites.

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Ink Blotter

Dip Pens
»Cigar advertising dip pens, ink blotters, vintage cigar labels and cigar bands on
Pear Case Label
Pen Pear
Penpear Good Pears
Tasmania, Australia
»From a collection of apple and pear case labels in the State Library of Tasmania
Spencerian Pens 1913
»This Busy World
is filled with the
hum of Spencerian
Steel Pens
Smooth Points
Easy Action
Uniform, Durable«
»Spencerian Pens, Advertisements and Trading cards
[Image from]
Ink Stand
»Victorian Advertising - Writing instruments, Stationery, Pens & Nibs, on Jennifer Carnell's



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