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Zanerian Manual
The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing
EA Lupfer

Zaner-Bloser, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio
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Bickham books

The Universal Penman
George Bickham, english calligrapher and engraver compiled »The Universal Penman« in the 1740s from the best specimens of the leading penmen of his day. [read more]


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mastering copperplate
Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, a Step-by-Step Manual

Eleanor Winters

ISBN 0486409511
Dover Publications, 2000

Admired for its beauty, grace and fluidity, copperplate calligraphy is perhaps the most popular writing style for social correspondence. This practical guide teaches students to handle the alphabet, numbers and punctuation, color and paper; how to write simple paragraphs, quotations, poems, cards, invitations and more. Numerous black-and-white illustrations.

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sweden Köp boken från


Developed by English handwriting masters in the 18th century, copperplate calligraphy is admired for its fluidity and beauty. It is the most popular style for social correspondance, invitations, and other communications requiring an elegant hand.

In this practical manual, a noted calligraphy teacher offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for the student. Beginning with a brief but fascinating history of copperplate, she moves quickly to an in-depth examination of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation. Each letter is demonstrated stroke by stroke with a clear explanation.

Readers will also find detailed discussions of writing in color, using the proper paper, and learning how to retouch, correct and crop. Ms. Winters then shows how copperplate can be used to write a simple paragraph, a short quotation, or poetry, and explains how to use the script commercially for addressing envelopes and writing name cards and invitations.

Unabridged Dover (2000) republication of the edition published by Warson-Guptill, New York, 1989. Numerous black-and-white illustrations. Bibliography. Index. 192pp. Paperbound.

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sweden Köp boken från

  Calligraphy for Kids

mastering copperplate
Calligraphy for Kids

Eleanor Winters

ISBN 1402706642
Sterling Publishing, 2004

For school, for art classes, for fun: this kid-friendly guide to the art of beautiful writing will be a hit anywhere. From the tools to the techniques to the really fantastic projects, everything has been chosen specifically with children in mind.

*Youngsters can use colorful, special felt-tipped pens called chisel-edged markers to produce great-looking letters. The guidelines (which can be photocopied) make it easier to get good results. Attractive pages, filled with brightly colored examples, get kids started with simple zigzags, and then move on to small and large italics, gothic lettering, uncial, and Roman calligraphy.

*Children will especially enjoy using their new skills to write down favorite poems, fashion border designs, and create greeting cards and invitations.

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sweden Köp boken från


Speedball Oblique Pen Set
Contains the necessary tools to accomplish Copperplate / Spencerian Script. Has oblique penholder with four Hunt No. 101 and two No. 103 pen points.

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Higgins Eternal Black Writing Ink
Excellent ink for copperplate calligraphy and ornamental penmanship.

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