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»An ABC-Book«
»Mastering Copperplate«
»The Pencil«
»The Universal Penman«
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»Zanerian Manual«
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»Barbaras Papper
»En ABC-Bok«
»Från A till Ö«
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Zanerian Manual
The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing
EA Lupfer
Zaner-Bloser, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio
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  E Winters
Mastering Copperplate

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy
Step-by-Step Manual
Eleanor Winters
Dover Publications
ISBN 0486409511

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Copper Plate Pens

Universal Penman

The Universal Penman

Engraved by
George Bickham, 1743

ISBN 0486206165
Dover Publications, 1991

This monumental anthology presented the work of twenty-five contemporary writing masters on over 200 finely engraved plates. Bickham, who probably wrote eighteen of the plates in The Universal Penman, intended the work as a practical copy-book for the »Man of Business«. His engravings, which contributed to a revival of interest in calligraphy, provide a record of the writing hands in use during the first half of the eighteenth century.

This book contains more than 210 full page plates, each crammed full of beautiful and interesting material. To list only part of its contents:

Over 125 pictorial scenes, clear copperplates of drinking scenes, family scenes, commerce, rustic festivities, etc.
Over 200 script pictures, male and female heads, busts, cherubs, griffins, birds, fish, etc.
19 complete alphabets: round hand, round text, Old English, florid, foliated, etc.
275 lettered specimens, overlaid with fine flourishes, swirls, spirals, featherings, volutes, etc.
Over 100 panels, frames and cartouches.
Over 950 lettered specimens, with thousands of words which can be lifted right off for reproduction.
INDIVIDUAL ITEMS in this book are copyright free and may be used (up to ten items per use) without permission, payment or credit line.
CALLIGRAPHERS find Bickham the best source for English roundhand writing —
Copperplate script.
COMMERCIAL ARTISTS, advertising directors, designers all find Bickham first-rate as a source for immediately usable pictures and script that suggest antiquity, quality and reliability.

From The Publisher »Famous treasury of English roundhand calligraphy of 1740. Alphabets, decorated pages, scrolls, frames, cupids, similar material.«

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George Bickham's Penmanship Made Easy:
Young Clerk's Assistant

George Bickham
ISBN 0486297799
Dover Publications, 1997

From The Publisher
»Unabridged reprint of extremely rare 18th-century manual offers helpful hints on forming letters, holding the pen, arm and wrist positions, proper posture, etc. Includes rich sampling of alphabets, maxims, didactic verses and other words of advice for elevating moral standards of the young. Charmingly illustrated instruction manual for calligraphers, commercial artists and devoteés of fine penmanship, and a delightful look back at teaching tools and methods of the mid-1700s.

The book begins with »Directions for Learner«, a series of helpful hints on forming letters, holding the pen, arm and wrist positon, proper posture, and so on, followed by a wealth of calligraphic specimens: alphabest, maxims, didactic verses, and other words of advice for elevating the moral standards of the young.«

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