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Winters, Eleanor
Calligraphy for Kids
New book by Eleanor Winters. Calligraphy for children, ages 9-12.
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US Army Air Force Font
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Fun Fonts, »Disney« Fonts, Kids Fonts
About my favorite font sites.
WDS Walt Disney Script
TrueType font. Work in progress. Check for updates! (MAC & PC)
Carl Barks Script Download at D.O.N.A.L.D - a German association of Donald Duck fans. (MAC & PC)
DisneyFonts Wendy's Wonderland Disney Fonts
Disneyprint, Pooh, Mickey, Minnie and ToonTime - Downloadable »Disney« fonts (PC).
Kids Fonts Fonts for Kids at Moms Corner for Kids
(MickeyMouseMania) »Disney« fonts and lots of fun fonts for kids. (PC)
Disney Kingdom Disney Kingdom is closed
»Disney« fonts archive. (PC)
Akbar Akbar Font = Groening
Font emulating the handwriting of Matt Groening, the creator of »The Simpsons«. Lower case and punctuation added (MAC & PC).
Famous Fonts Famous Fonts - Movie, tv, music, game, food, drink, and publication fonts, free for download. See also
Airplane font FREE Aircraft and Airforce Fonts & Dingbats
Stencil Fonts Stencil Fonts
Some cool stencil fonts.
comic book lettering fonts Comics Lettering Fonts
Links to FREE and commercial comic and cartoon lettering fonts. Previews, international characters, accented letters, Swedish alphabet,
MAC and PC. TrueType and Postscript fonts.
copperplate Copperplate Script Fonts
My favourite Copperplate typefaces. Commercial fonts for mac and pc. TrueType or PostScript.
Celtic Fonts - Free Celtic style fonts, Uncial, English Runes... on Typoasis (pc)
Font Links Font links
Check these sites for display and special effect fonts.
Powered by AGFA | Monotype. Download over 8,000 commercial fonts. (mac & pc) ITC Fonts
International Typeface Corporation - lots of cool commercial fonts. (mac & pc)
steelpens Steel Pen Nibs New and vintage steel pen nibs (pen points, tips, quills, dip pens) for handmade lettering, comics and calligraphy.
Link Exchange
Mythical Ireland Mythical Ireland is about Stone Age Ireland. Art, astronomy, mythology, archaeology... and some free fonts (pc)
Free Font

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