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 D.L. Musselman

DL Musselman
»Read about prof. D.Lafayette Musselman, Sr. (1842-1910) in Quincy Illustrated, 1899, page 107
 Gem City Business College
Gem City Business College
»Gem City Business College, Quincy, Illinois 1930s - 1940s — Postcard from Linda Lee's Adams County, Ill web site.
Short Hand
»Introductory Shorthand Dept. — From the Penny Postcard Archives
 Musselman Publications
The Musselman Publications
"Try a Box of Musselman's Perfection Pens, 25 cents.”
»The Musselman Publications 1908 ad from The Business Educator - scan by J.Vitolo - larger image in the OP group files
 IAMPETH Newsletter
”A Survey of Fine and Flexible nibs” — article in The IAMPETH Newsletter*, Winter 2003. Read more about Penmanship Publications on
*Official publication of IAMPETH, The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting.


»The Dream Nibs«

Gillott No 1 Principality
Gillott No 604 E.F.
Gillott No 303 Extra Fine
Musselman's Perfection
Spencerian No.1
The Zanerian Fine Writer
Nibs not for sale
”Joe Vitolo's Dream Points” — Hard to find vintage nibs for Ornamental script: Gillott Principality, Gillott 604EF, Gillott 303, Musselman's Perfection, The Spencerian No.1 and the Zanerian Fine Writer.
The Gillott Principality is one of the most, if not THE most sought after pen points in Ornamental penmanship. Gillott also manufactured this point for several other companies including The Zanerian College under the name Zanerian FineWriter. The Principality also appeared as the Tamblyn No.7, Ransomerian Expert No.1 as well as others.”
Joe Vitolo
,Calligraphy Exchange, message 2940
sax Image taken from


Del Tysdal says:
From: DTysdal@a...
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997
Subject: Nibs, not me
" I have used Musselman Perfection #1 nibs for 30 years. They were made by Gillott for D. L. Musselman, of the Gem City Business college, Quincy Illinois. I bought their remaining stock some 30 years ago. Pen manufacturers would put whatever name a purchaser wanted on the nib, as long as the order was for enough nibs — a lot of them of course. That is why the Gillott Principality #1, Zanerian Fine Writer and Tamblyn #1 are the same nib. I am sure many others are the same. The Gillott 604EF is very similar to the Musselman.”
Del Tysdal
From: Ddelby1@a...
Date: Mon, Aug 13, 2001
Subject: Pen Points
"Do not groan and moan over NOT having Zanerian Fine Writer, Principality #1 or Tamblyn #7 pen nibs. They take too long to learn how to use for the heavy hands that are used today by most Spencerian students. It took me a year to get to know how to use these nibs properly and that was when they were cheap, some 35 years ago. If you do pen work for reproduction, any of the above do not work well.”
Del Tysdal
»Check out the Copperplate and Calligraphy Pen Staffs (Pen holders) for sale on Del Tysdal's site
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