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How To Draw Manga

How to draw MangaHow to draw Manga;
Compiling Characters
”Power up Manga techniques for beginners”

by A Society for the Study of Manga Techniques,
Representative members: Hideki Matsuoka, Tatsuhiro Ozaki, Takehiko Matsumoto.

ISBN 4889960422
Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 1999.

From the publisher,
> This volume is aimed at the advancement of manga and prepared by a group of assistants to popular manga artist Yu Kinutani. It begins with the use of drawing utensils and covers character faces, full bodies, arms, legs, hair and so on. The instructions are presented in easy-to-understand ”blocks”. A great way to begin a hobby or career in the field of Japanese manga. English Language. 10 inches long by 7 inches wide. Black-and-white. 124 pages.

>This book concentrates on character types. Chapter 1 will show you how to draw figures in fully realised 3-D.

>Chapter 2 will focus on how to draw bodies. It will show how the muscle structure of the body can be rendered, and will enable you to draw human bodies which look quite natural.

>Chapter 3 will teach you how to draw character. It will enable you to bring out character closer to how professionals do it.

>Look inside! check out the steel pen nibs in this book. Tachikawa, Nikko and Zebra, G-pens, Round pens, Turnip pens and School pens. [click here]


japanese nibs”PEN POINTS
Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa are well look insideknown nib manufacturers. For drawing cartoon characters, the G-pen and the Round-pen are most often used. Some cartoonists prefer to use the turnip pen (Kabura Pen) for the hardness of line it gives.”

zebra nibnikko nibHow to draw Manga; Compiling Characters is my personal favorite in the How to draw Manga series. The authors compares Japanese pen nibs from Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa, including the G-Pen, School Pen, Turnip Pen, Round Pen, Tama Pen, Saji Pen and Spoon Pen. The book has images of all nibs and a small drawing made with each nib. For example, NIKKO G-PEN ”This pen has a very smooth and easy flow. It is suitable for drawing thicker rather than fin lines.”
»


 Köp HOW TO DRAW MANGA från Bokus bokhandel.
svenska — Swedish Bookstore
How to draw Manga How to Draw Manga : Compiling Characters
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How to draw Manga How to Draw Manga : Bishoujo Around the World
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Occult and Horor How to Draw Manga : Occult & Horror
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How to draw Manga How to Draw Manga : Male Characters
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Manga Links Cool Manga Comics and Animé sites. Links to Japanese Pen manufacturerers.
Manga Nibs Manga Pen Nibs — from the book How to draw Manga;
Compiling Characters.
PEN-SAKI pen sakiPen-Saki is the Japanese word for pen-nib. Read more in the English/Japanese Pen Term Lexicon by Richard Binder on
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FREE and commercial comics & cartoon fonts.
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