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B2 - lettering nib*Osmiroid Nib Units this is the old style nib unit for Osmiroid '65 and '75 pens. It should also fit in Esterbrook lever fill fountain pens.« not for sale
Yahoo! Penrepairs Group 2.Jan.1999 — G. Kovalenko wrote: »...The Osmiroid nibs that interchange with the Esterbrooks are the ones for the Osmiroid "65" fountain pen from the 1960s and 70s. The pen and its nib units are no longer in production and no longer available. As far as I know, the pen went out of production ca. 1980-82.«
Penlovers Bulletin Board 16.Nov.2000 — 'Ray' wrote: »Osmiroid was part of Sanford - Osmiroid products were discontinued at the end of 1999.«
alt.collecting.pens-pencils 15.Mar.2001 — J.C. Sasmor wrote: »...I'm still on the hunt for nibs for an Osmiroid 65 pen. Esterbrook nibs were suggested, but I found a 9550 nib and it doesn't quite fit. The nib is the right diameter at the threads, but Osmiroid's section narrows after the threads, and the base of the nib will not fit in the narrower section.«
Penlovers Bulletin Board 25.Mar.2002 — 'einv' wrote: »...Osmiroid RULES! you can still find some british made (by Sanford co.) osmies at ask for their paper catalog. (BTW, Osmiroid is now a Chinese company, and their pens are reputed to stink.)«
Zoss List 7.Jun.2002 — A. Besser wrote: »...I have some Osmiroid pens from the '50s with nice, threaded screw-in italic nibs. The only Esterbrooks I have are cartridge pens from the late '60s ... The Osmiroid nibs I have don't fit these pens.«
Zoss List 7.Jun.2002 — P. Todd wrote: »...The Osmiroid nibs fit any lever fill Esterbrook that I have tried them in.«
Zoss List 3.Sep.2002 — A. Gnoza wrote: »...Here is the story on the Osmiroid nibs. The older version nibs will fit into Esterbrook fountain pens and desk pens. However to get them to fit into a Dip-Less deskpen a little interior cosmetic surgery is needed. There is an interior wall in the section/barrel of the Dip-Less pen that does not allow the Osmiroid nib to be fully screwed into it. Simply take a small drill and drill out the divider wall in the section/barrel and there now will be plenty of room for the extended top portion of the nib to fit into the Dip-Less pen.«
Rambling Snail Forum 22.Oct.2003 'tryphon' wrote: »Osmiroid nibs should fit Esterbrook pens. "Esties" of various vintages can be found easily on Ebay and from many dealers (among them, THE Estie specialist is Lisa Hanes) and are inexpensive and very reliable lever fillers. The only Osmiroid nibs that won't fit Esties are the recent ones made in China.«
eBay Search eBay auctions for Osmiroid and Esterbrook pens and nibs.
osmiroid 75*Check out my favourite, the Osmiroid '75 calligraphy fountain pen not for sale
osmiroid*PLEASE NOTE: This web site is not affiliated with Osmiroid International®, Sanford® or Berol® in any way. This is an independent site containing information about pens and calligraphy tools. Read the Osmiroid Company History
Esterbrook*Esterbrook — Information about the Esterbrook Pens and Nibs. [click here]
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