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 OSMIROID Calligraphy
osmiroid set
OSMIROID Calligraphy Fountain Pen
Beginning set with six nibs. Set also includes cap and barrel, ink cartridges, ink converter, instruction leaflet and 50 sheet pad.
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 Vintage Catalog
rotring Tikky
Rotring Tikky Pencils
in the 1984/85 rotring catalog.
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Rotring Calligraphy Art Pen Set
 rotring artpen

Rotring ArtPen
3 pen Set

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. In it, different nibs and inks are combined to bring the lettering and content of a text into a coherent whole.

The ArtPen is of matt acrylic resin and has a hand-polished steel nib. Together with ArtPen Ink and Brillant Ink, it brings out the best in your handwriting.

Set includes sizes 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm.

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rotring ink cartridges Rotring Brilliant Ink Cartridges
High-brilliance ink for fountain pens. A purely dye-based ink with excellent flow characteristics tailored to the Rotring ArtPen and similar pens insuring instant ink flow and smooth, uninterrupted writing sessions. Order rotring ink cartridges from our US advertiser
Rotring Ink ConvertorRotring Ink Converter replaces the standard ink cartridge and allows you to use the bottled ink of your choice in your fountain pen.
Rotring International
Check out the manufacturer's web site.
(In 1998 rotring was acquired by Sanford.)
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Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, Lettering FAQ. All you need to know about comics and cartoon lettering. Links to lettering articles and interviews.



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