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Mr.Nagahara - Photo (C) Russ Stutler
•Mr. Nobuyoshi Nagahara is the head nib designer for the Sailor Pen Company.
»Read about Mr. Nagahara and the Sailor Pen Clinic in Tokyo on Russ Stutler's website
•Glen B. Bowen writes about Mr. Nagahara in Penworld, aug-sep 2002
»The Nib King

•Read Dyas Anna Lawson's articles in Stylophiles, jun 2002
»A nib by Nagahara
»The Nib - something new from Sailor

Photo © Russ Stutler
 Frank LLoyd Wright
»Frank Lloyd Wright - Wright - Pencils, From The Architect's Desk
/!\WE ARE SORRY! This art print is currently not available from our advertisers.
Antique Boxes,
Tea Caddies & Society

Antigone Clarke,
Joseph O'Kelly
Schiffer Books 2003
ISBN 0764316885

The reader is guided through the aesthetic, cultural, and social influences of the years covered, accumulating a deep understanding of the form, decoration, and purpose of eighteenth and nineteenth century boxes. 905 images including original drawings and magnificent photographs.
»Author's site
usaBuy this book from our US advertiser Barnes & Noble
0764316885:Product Link on Barnes &

 Recommended Book
The Pencil - by Henry Petroski
The Pencil
A history of Design and Circumstance
Henry Petroski
ISBN 0679734155
Alfred A Knopf 1992

»Henry Petroski traces the origins of the pencil back to ancient Greece and Rome, writes factually and charmingly about its development over the centuries and around the world...«
[Read more
 Copperplate fonts


»Copperplate typefaces
for MAC or Windows - my favorite script fonts from ITC.
 Writing Chest
travelers writing box
Travelling Writer's Set
Before email, a well-equipped traveler carried a portable writing chest like this one. It includes wooden stylus, various nibs, glass writing pen, bottle of black ink and note paper.
[read more]
 New and Vintage Steel Pen Nibs - Online Catalog

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Pens, nibs & writing instruments
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Collections and Information
Steel Pens (nibs, dip pens, pen points)
My new domain name. Dot TK stands for the small island Tokelau in the Pacific ocean.
dip pens Pen links — page 1
Dip pens, Nibs, Pen points,
Collections and Information, Steel Pens, Vintage nib sources — dealers, manufacturers.
vintage nibs Vintage Advertisements
Steel Pen Catalogs and adverts from my collection.
mitchell roundhand nib Steel Pens
Pen nibs for cartoonists and calligraphers.
[in Swedish]
Fountain Pens TOP
Calligraphy Fountain Pens Fountain Pens and Calligraphy Sets
My favorite fountain pens for calligraphy and handwriting.
Craft your own Fountain Pen — Nibs, Pen blanks, Woodturning tools...
Books About Pens Books About Pens — Uri Orland's site about Pen Books.
PenHero PenHero
Jim Mamoulides' fountain pen bookmarks.
Pelikan nib Werner Kleinhorst Fountain pens of the world
Mont Blanc and Pelikan nibs (old site - not updated).
»Now Werner Kleinhorst runs a site for pen auctions at «
John Mottishaw in Los Angeles repairs fountain pens and nibs.
left hand writer Left-handed Writers by John Mottishaw. See also The Left on Usenet : alt.collecting.pens-pencils post messages and get complete access to Usenet data since 1995 through Google Groups (formerly maintained by
FP-FAQ »FAQ Read the unofficially official Fountain Pen Frequently Asked Questions by Burton H. Janz The Zoss Pens Mailing List
Tom Zoss' list for people interested in fountain pens and associated topics.
e scribe archive e scribe> collecting> pens
Search the Zoss Pens mailing list archive.
osmiroid new Osmiroid About Osmiroid fountain pens and nibs.
PARKER Parker Official Parker fountain pen site. (Acquired in 2000 by SANFORD, a Newell Rubbermaid division.)
Parker unofficial Parker fountain pen site by Tony Fischier.
[old site]
Penlovers Penlovers dedicated to fountain pen lovers
pentrace PentraceInteresting articles, fountain pen community...
Rambling Snail by Avery A. Hise is closed. Visit the new community The Fountain Pen Network. See also the new Rambling Snail Forums
Matthias Meyer's website for fountain pen collectors is down.
[Archived 2. Apr 2001 in the Internet Archives]
UNCLE-B Uncle-B Nice collection of fountain pen links.
Esterbrook Esterbrook Art and Drafting pens, Nibs, books, links and »Renew Points« for Esterbrook fountain pens.
Pencils TOP
The Pencil - by Henry Petroski The Pencil — A history of Design and Circumstance by Henry Petroski.
Read more about the book
Dennis B. Smith's online drafting pencil museum.
pencil The Pencil Pages
Doug Martin's site. Pencil-related information.
Autopoint Autopoint, Eversharp and Dur-O-Lite — Bob Bolin's site about the mechanical pencil industry in Chicago. Great scans of old catalogs, vintage ads, sales fliers and lots more.
[Archived 1. Mar 2004 in the Internet Archives]
mikado The Pencil Place
Steve's pencil collection and vintage pencil adverts.
twisted chain Pencil Carvings in the JAD project exhibition. Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado makes chains, spirals and other shapes from pencils.
Other Writing & Drawing Instruments TOP
Zirkel Geometricum new url — Drafting Instruments
Markus Geissbühler
's collection of technical instruments from the 15th to 18th Century.
Training Engineering Basics — from Integrated Publishing, including: Drafting equipment, Freehand lettering, Leroy lettering set etc.
turkish tools Ottoman Antique Writing Tools
Reed pens, vintage calligraphy tools and materials from the Turkish Cultural Foundation.
Writing boxes Antique Writing Boxes, writing slopes and lap desks in Antigone Clarke's »The Online Antique Box Book«. New Book Published (mar.2003)
olivetti The Swedish Typewriter PageChristofer Nöring's web site about antique and classic typewriters and calculators (and a few steel pens).
stapler Early Office MuseumMark Frankena's site with early copying machines, antique pencil sharpeners, antique staplers and more.
letter scales Brievenwegers André Sol's collection of mechanical letter scales.
Associations TOP
PCA PCA Pen Collectors of America
Wima WIMA Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (USA)
Winnie-The-Pooh Quote TOP
Pooh's party Pooh's present
»It was a Special Pencil Case. There were pencils in it marked "B" for Bear, and pencils marked "HB" for Helping Bear, and pencils marked "BB" for Brave Bear.«
A.A. Milne 1926
[read more]
Advertisers TOP
ART BROWN PENS Art Brown International Pen Shop One of Americas leading Fine Writing Instrument Dealers. In business more than 75 years.
Banner 10000045 15,000 stationery products from over 40 vendors at!!
Click her for your favorite eBay items eBay — Check eBay auctions for new and vintage pens, pencils and nibs. Go to Collectibles > Autographs, Paper & Writing > Writing Instruments.
Executive Essentials Fine Pens Executive Essentials Executive Essentials offers the finest in pens, executive gifts, desk accessories, business cases and more. Save on art supplies at Mister Art.
Mayfair Stationers Mayfair Stationers We are a stationary suppliers based in London, UK. Home Shop Made In Firenze Art & Craft — Stipula Pens and Zoppini Pens. Some of the finest Italian writing instruments.
Fragrances TOP
Up to 70% off Perfume Perfume Sale. Up to 70% off over 5,000 designer fragrances at Perfume Emporium.
The Original PILOT Shaker pencil
Pilot Shaker Mechanical Pencil

The Original Shaker! This pencil has a unique sliding sleeve to protect the extra fine 0.5mm lead. To advance the lead just shake the pencil once and it's ready to write. Ribbed Grip provides writing comfort. Buy the Pilot Shaker from our US advertiser
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Parker 51
Special Edition
 Parker Pens Reinstalls Classic Design The Parker "51" is back! For more information, visit the new Parker web site
basket Buy Parker 51 Special Edition from our US advertiser Executive Essentials
Is that you?
usaBuy Mont Blanc Pens and Pencils from our US advertiser Executive Essentials
LeGrand Fountain Pen, Roller Ball, Ballpoint, Pencil
Official Montblanc Authorized Trade
eBaySearch eBay auctions for new and vintage Montblanc Pens
Mont Blanc, Helena Christensen, Presence
»Images de Parfums
French collection of over 2000 fragrance advertisements!
» Montblanc International GmbH
Official website
Did you know?
Montblanc is owned by the Swiss-South African group Richemont — the world's number two luxury goods group. [The LVMH group is number one]
 Art Brown Pen Shop
Private Reserve Ink
Private Reserve Fountain Pen Inks are among the best inks available today. neutral ph. excellent coverage smooth flow vibrant colors non-clogging fast drying classic deco bottle design 50 ml bottle.
usaBuy Private Reserve ink today from the Art Brown International Pen Shop
»Made in Germany«
Bock GmbH
»Visit Peter Bock GmbH for an in-depth look at how they manufacture fountain pen nibs.
ArticleRead the article by Jack Leone about a visit to the famous Bock Nib Works in Heidelberg, Germany on
Bock Heidelberg
»I can not find a company website but here is an address to Peter Bock GmbH:
NIBS - the game
Art Brown Pen Shop
Private Reserve Ink at Art Brown


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