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Osmiroid Calligraphy Set (Made in England)
Develop your calligraphy skills with this super value beginning set. Explore a range of styles with the six hand-finished, gold plated nibs.

Nibs included are B2(1.4mm), B3(1.8mm), B4(2.1mm), SH6(3.1mm), Italic Med (0.9mm), and Italic Broad (1.0mm).
Set also
includes cap and barrel, two black ink cartridges, ink converter, instruction leaflet and 50-sheet 9" x 12" pad of white parchment paper.

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OSMIROID Calligraphy


saxImage and text taken from:
in April 2004

Chinese Osmiroid

saxChinese Osmiroid
taken from:
February 2001


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 Osmiroid Calligraphy
 •Osmiroid Nibs

 •Osmiroid History
Osmiroid Info
*Check out my old favourite, the Osmiroid '75 lettering fountain pen not for sale
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BLAM steel nibs

Osmiroid Calligraphy Set -- This Osmiroid Calligraphy Set allow you to address your holiday greetings with flair. In addition to the pen, it contains three gold-plated nibs, three blue ink cartridges and more. This is not from the original Osmiroid Manufacturer, but is now made in China.

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