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Even India inks are no match for Amodex stain remover. Recommended by leading pen makers, non-toxic liquid removes tar, grease, crayon - almost anything from both fabrics and hands.
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grinding nibs
»Grinding Your Own Fountain Pen Nibs
article by Ludwig Tan, first published in the journal of the Society for Italic Handwriting, Writing Matters, autumn 2000 & Spring 2001.
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»Koh-I-Noor Syringe Pressure Pen Cleaning Kit
For cleaning drawing points used in all Koh-I-Noor Technical Pens. Kit contains syringe pressure cleaning bulb, and one 2 oz. bottle of Rapido-Eze Cleaning Solution. Also includes a connector so that the unit can also be used as an ink-flow starter for the drawing points.
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»The WD-40 Book
ISBN 1887317155
Jim Berg, Tim Nyberg

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»Zippo: The Great American Lighter
David Poore
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN 0764302035

"This book is a must for the millions of Zippo collectors. It contains a sequential history of Zippo series, cases, inserts, fluid cans, flint packages, and sundries."
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It takes a clean sharp nib to produce clean sharp strokes.

John Shyvers, The Calligrapher's Handbook
New Nibs
Soennecken*A new nib should be cleaned from grease and factory-applied anti-corrosive lacquer before the ink will flow evenly. Some artists recommend sucking on a new nib to get it ready for ink. Manufacturers recommend immersing the nib in boiling water. An alternative is holding the nib briefly in the flame of a lighted match but be careful the heat can alter the temper of the nib.
GUM ARABIC»To remove factory oil from a new nib, dip the nib into liquid gum arabic, rub with soft cloth, and wipe clean. (Tip from Cyberscribes)
Nib Care
*Nibs must be kept clean during use or the ink will not flow freely. They should be wiped with a soft rag and afterwards washed and dried to prevent corrosion. The best way to clean lettering or drawing nibs is to scrub them gently with a wet toothbrush. Crusted pen nibs should be scraped or brushed clean before using. Use a scalpel or an X-acto knife. A fiberglass brush and a Swiss Army knife is also useful.
* X-ACTO No. 1Craft Knife w/ 5 No. 11 Blades Buy X-acto knives and blades from
Fibreglass Brush*Fiberglass Brush Remove dried ink and paint from your nibs with a fiberglass brush. Eastwood's Rust Brush has a tough fiberglass core [Designed to remove rust and dirt from chips and scratches on your auto] You can buy the fiberglass brush from our US advertiser, the Eastwood Company
Fibreglass Tips*Fibreglass Rust Brush Replacement Tips 2 Pk Get a Pack of 2 Replacement Fiberglass Refills for the Fiberglass Rust Brush [CLICK HERE]
Nib Cleaning Liquids

WINDEX*Windex Glass Cleaner A Window Cleaning fluid that contain ammonia works great for cleaning steel pen nibs.

ZIPPO*I use Zippo lighter fluid for cleaning drawing boards and for removing residues from stickers, labels and adhesive tape. Felt tip pens with spirit-based ink can sometimes be revived with a few drops of lighter fuel.

WD-40*WD-40 This petroleum-based lubricant is excellent for loosening nibs that are stuck in the penholder. It is also great for removing adhesives.

5-56*CRC 5-56 is another useful multi purpose lubricant.

CREATEX*Createx Airbrush Cleaner 8 oz. bottle
Some airbrush cleaners are great for cleaning nibs. Removes dried color without leaving any residue. May be diluted with one part water to one part cleaner. Buy it from

*WAM is a home-made nib cleaning formula I read about in the Cyberscribes mailing list. Mix equal parts of Water, Ammonia and Methylated spirits.

Clean up Acrylic Paints
»From nibs and brushes: Clean wet brushes with soap & water. Clean dried acrylic paint with acetone, denatured alcohol or equivalent product.
»From clothing: While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric.
What is acrylic paint? Read more on the Liquitex web site.
WARNING! Some solvents are highly flammable. The cleaning solutions and fumes are toxic and breathing them can be hazardous to your health. Always read the product labels!
Ultrasonic Cleaners
*Staedtler Ultrasonic Cleaner ultrasonic cleaner 746 710 Compact unit with leak-proof stainless steel tank. Quiet solid-state circuitry. 80 watts, 42,000 energy waves per second. Includes 100cc Staedtler Mars Pen Cleaning Solution Concentrate. For cleaning technical pens, plotter points and airbrush parts.
shop Order the Staedtler Ultrasonic Cleaner from
Nib Sharpening
arkansas stoneHard Black Arkansas stones provide the most highly polished finish possible from any Arkansas stone.
Sharpening Stone Comparison
Arkansas, Washita, India, Ceramic, Japanese, Crystolon... Read about different stone types and check out Woodcraft Supply Corp.'s Stone Comparison Chart. This chart compares approximate abrasive grits of American and Japanese stones. »Read more
clothCrocus Cloth
The writing edge of a nib can be smoothed fy finishing with a fine polishing cloth such as the "Crystal Bay Crocus Cloth" manufactured by 3M.
"Nib-resharpening is a valuable skill which
may be acquired with practice." John Shyvers

Calligrapher's Handbook
Heather Child (editor)
Society Of Scribes and Illuminators
ISBN 0800811984
»This outstanding work on contemporary calligraphy contains 18 authoritative articles by leading calligraphers. In an illustrated article by John Shyvers, the process of sharpening and shaping of broad metal nibs on a fine India or Arkansas stone is thoroughly described.

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Manufacturers' web sites
crc CRC Industries and CRC Industries Europe manufactures a wide range of chemical products.
createx Createx Colors Finely crafted colors, dyes & pigments since 1978.
liquitex Liquitex Liquitex was the first water-based acrylic paint invented.
Staedtler Staedtler — Manufacturer of writing instruments, art supplies, design and drafting instruments and ink jet refill systems (US site)
Swann-Morton Swann-Morton — Manufacturer of surgical scalpel blades, handles and disposable scalpels.
3M (1961 logo) 3M — Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.
victorinox Victorinox — The Original Swiss Army Knife.
WD-40 WD-40 — According to the Duct Tape Guys, you only need Duct Tape and WD-40 in your toolbox. If it's not stuck and it's supposed to be Duct Tape it! If it's stuck and it's not supposed to be WD-40 it!
windex Windex Original Glass Cleaner America's #1 glass cleaner!
HUNT X-acto A division of the Hunt Corporation, makers of X-acto blades, trimmers, knives, and much more...
zippo Zippo Manufacturing Co is the maker of the world famous windproof lighter.

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cyberscribes Pearls of Wisdom In June 2001, Cyberscribes from around the world, shared their most valuable tips. Nancy Grossenbacher of Portland, Oregon compiled the lists.



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