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manga links
How to draw Manga »How to Draw Manga : Compiling Characters
Read more about the book click here
PolyKarbon PolyKarbon — How to draw Manga style, with Photoshop tips, and more.
Manga Tutorials MangaTutorials — Free manga drawing instructions.
Comics 101 Comics 101 — Art tips and techniques, interviews and reviews from illustrator Joe Corroney's studio.
lettering school Lettering School — Comic book lettering tutorials and free fonts.
Comic Techno COMIC-Techno — Deleter produces a magazine every month called »COMIC-Techno«, available only in Japan. The magazine contains a lot of useful Manga drawing techniques. The site in English at is down. Check out
HTDM How to draw Manga Official Distributor & Online Store. How to draw books, Online tutorials, supplies...
The Animaster's Web Page Animaster's How to Draw Anime site with Animated tutorials, Drawing and Colouring Tips.
OMU OMU Online Manga University, a community dedicated to bringing the world of manga to aspiring artists.
trixie - anipike Anime Web Turnpike Your #1 Guide to the Anime and Manga Internet World! »How to's«
Manga Glossary Manga FAQ What is: anime, bukyou, doujinshi, gensaku-sha, ecchi, hentai, manga, otaku, seinen, sensei, shoujo, shounen...? Check out the Usenet Manga Glossary.
OniKimono : Detectives of the Orient — online manga, story and art by J Dee DuPuy. Very useful links for comics creators
Manga Nibs Manga Pen Nibs — from the book How to draw Manga;
Compiling Characters. Deleter is the brand name of the Japanese comics supplies company S.E Inc. The site in English at is down. Check out and
graphic-sha Graphic-sha Publishing Web site.
Insanity — The Home Of Virus Manga
copic japan Copic Japanese markers. The Copic Multiliner is a nice line drawing pen with waterproof pigment ink. Read more...
Tachikawa Tachikawa Japanese pen manufacturer. Tachikawa and Nikko dip pens.
zebra Zebra Japanese pen manufacturer.
PEN-SAKI pen sakiPen-Saki is the Japanese word for pen-nib. From the English/Japanese Pen Term Lexicon by Richard Binder at
mangakai * —Swedish Manga and Animé organisation.
animanga * —Swedish Manga and Animé forum.
Teckna Manga * Teckna Manga : Draw Manga — tutorials in Swedish.
engrish — Japanese Engrish takes a look at the various products coming out of Japan that contain funny or far-out English.
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vintage nibs Vintage Advertisements Steel Pen Catalogs and adverts from my collection.
dip pens Pen links Dip pens, Nibs, Pen points, Pen tips, Pen holders, Pen staffs, Fountain pens, Leadholders, Pencils, Drafting tools and other writing & drawing instruments.
comic book lettering fonts Comic Book Fonts Lettering typefaces
FREE and commercial comics & cartoon fonts.
Booksearch Booksearch Search libraries and antiquarian booksellers.
Get your name in Japanese!


HTDM How to draw Manga Official Distributor & Online Store.
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