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Rotring Rapidoliner Technical Pen
These virtually maintenance free pens are ideal for comic book artists, letterers, architects, designers and engineers. Sizes: 0.18mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.50mm.

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»Need a better pen? - Check out the Rotring Rapidograph
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comic book lettering fonts

BLAM - Lettering Resources
Links to sites with Comics and Cartoon Lettering fonts. Previews, Mac, PC, International characters, accented letters, Freeware, Shareware & Commercial fonts listed.

Comicraft Way Comic Book Lettering The Comicraft Way
by Richard Starkings and John Roshell is a book you must read if you are interested in Comic Book Lettering.
Blambot How Nate Letters a Comic Read about Nate Piekos' lettering. Check out Blambot's Comics 101-section.
Blambot Nexus Hand lettering tutorial in The Blambot Nexus
Balloon Tales Comicraft - Balloontales Great tips and tricks. Articles by Richard Starkings and John Roshell.
cbr The underappreciated art of lettering by Augie De Blieck Jr., CBR, Dec.1999.
Digital Webbing Check out the Lettering Archive in the Digital Webbing Forums
Fans! Fans lettering tutorial - check out the 10 greatest letterers and the 10 suckiest comic book letterings.
figma Figma Patrick Simmons shows us how to letter comics on the computer using Adobe Illustrator.
Font Links Fontlinks
Check these links for display and special effect fonts.
Lulu - LA Computer Lettering for Comic Books Read Sean Glumace's article from the Friends of Lulu in LA website.
Kevin Political Strikes »Lettering Comics is the BEST job! I set my own hours- I "play" on the computer for a living...« says Kevin Cunningham, letterer for Claypool Comics.
sequential tart Sequential Tart Pioneer of Computer Lettering - Richard Starkings - interview by Laura DePuy, Oct.1999.
Tales from the Crypt Tales from the Crypt
How the lettering was done for the old EC Comics »Tales from the Crypt« comic books.
Makeshift Miracle The Makeshift Miracle - Making Word Balloons in Photoshop Tutorial by Jim Zubkavich
Small Press Affordable Comic Lettering Fonts John MacLeod's lettering tips »Fonts on a Small Press budget« at the Small Press FAQ-page.
tafka TAFKA
Computer Lettering : How I Do It - lettering tutorial by Jason Maranto.
dale martin Grizmart new url - Dale Martin's gallery with a hand lettering tutorial.
textning Textning - about comic book lettering (in Swedish).
rapidograph TIRED OF TYPING? I use technical pens such as Rotring Rapidograph and Rapidoliner, Staedtler Marsmagno, Grumbacher Artist Penand a lot of different dip pens for handlettering comics.


Mac-tips for letterers

Aladdin Systems Software StuffIt Deluxe- The complete compression solution for Macintosh.
Expander - FREE. The easiest way to open downloads and attachments.
ZipIt Zipit SHAREWARE - unzips Windows ".zip-files" in your Mac.
.ttf TT Converter  SHAREWARE - Converts Windows TrueType fonts to Macintosh fonts. Download from the University of Michigan.
FONTEK CC Fontec Character Chooser - FREE - The Fontek Character Chooser is a utility for the Macintosh that provides easy access to a font's entire character set. Simply launch Character Chooser, select a font, find the desired character in the scrolling window, and copy it to the Clipboard. You can then paste the character into a document created with virtually any application.
[Download at ITC or Letraset]
LaserWriterUtility LaserWriter Utility - FREE - The LaserWriter Font Utility for the Macintosh can be used to restart a printer, prepare a list of available printer fonts, see a printed sample of the available fonts, initialize a hard disk attached to a printer, and send a PostScript file to the printer. You can also use the LaserWriter Font Utility to download Type 1 and TrueType fonts to a printer.
[Download at ITC]
WinZip Windows program
WinZip unzips PC ".zip-files".

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Digital Webbing
How To Draw Manga
AMES Lettering Guide
»Ames Lettering Guide metric calibrations from 2 to 10 millimeters
A useful device for drawing lettering guidelines. Has metric calibrations ranging from 2 to 10 millimeters and 3 standard lettering heights in U. S. drawings (3.08, 6.1, 9.75mm) specifically indicated. Sides are at 68 for drawing guidelines for slanted letters and 90 for drawing guide lines for vertical lettering. Directions included.
basketBuy the Ames Lettering Guide from our US advertiser
ALG Instructions
In 1917 Olson Manufacturing was established with the sole purpose of supplying the drafting industry with its patented Ames Lettering Guide, invented by OA Olson in Ames, Iowa.
Ames Instructions
pdfHow to use the Ames lettering guide
»Download pdf from Olson Manufacturing
 Recommended Book
Digital Prepress for Comic Books
Digital Prepress for Comic Books
Kevin Tinsley
ISBN 0967542308
Stickman graphics ©1999

»Take all the guesswork out of properly positioned, digital lettering.«

This book is the ultimate reference used by professionals throughout the industry. With over 200 pages and 300 color illustrations, and detailed instructions, this manual will provide the answers and solutions you will need to successfully print a magazine.
[Read more]
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