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»Del Tysdal sells these excellent penholders. Made of real woods, hand turned, buffed and polished. They are modeled after the holders made by John Huran in the 1920s for the Zanerian College of Penmanship, Columbus, Ohio.
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»Pen Carving Kit
This kit includes two drilled wood blanks, and drawings for transfer to those blanks (six drawings include Uncle Sam, Merlin the Magician, basketball player, and mountaineer with rifle).
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Turn your own Fountain Pen Pens and pencils made at the wood lathe are becoming increasingly popular. Read more in these books v
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*Extend the range of your writing style with replacement fountain pen nib units. Choose between extra fine and broad calligraphy tips.

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Nick Cook*Pencil Pusher — Read the article by Nick Cook, Woodturner in Marietta, Georgia.
dave hylands*Check out the basic steps required to make pens on your lathe. Go to Dave Hylands home page
alices workshop*Click here to see ''Making Pens Without A Lathe''. Instructions on making pens using your drill press from Alice's Workshop
robert sorby*Starting out Pen turning — read more in Robert Sorby's Tips Archive
wood-worker / woodzone*How to Make a Wooden Pen — Pen Turning can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. Read the basics on
Binkys*Pen Turning made easy — article by Vin on Binky's Woodworking
Russ Fairfield*Making a Pen — Four different pens from one basic kit — article by Russ Fairfield
inserts*Stiles and Bates in the UK sells inserts for making calligraphy pen holders (dip pens). The inserts fit directly into a 1/4" hole in the end of a turned shaft so no special tools are needed.
*Check out Woodcraft's Pen Turning Instructions
*View a complete list of Woodcraft's instruction sheets.
pdfDownload the Woodcraft Instruction sheet for Pen & Pencil kits
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Pens From the Wood Lathe
Step-by-Step Instructions for the Wood Turner
Dick Sing
ISBN 0887409393
Schiffer Publishing, 1996

From the Publisher Pens and pencils made at the wood lathe are becoming increasingly popular. These unique writing instruments are fantastic sellers at art and craft shows, cherished treasures for family, and fabulous gifts. Kits to make a variety of styles are widely available, but the techniques to make a pen which works well and looks spectacular are harder to find. This book fills the need with 273 step-by-step color photos and helpful text. Skilled wood turner Dick Sing provides detailed instructions and a wealth of tips and techniques for twelve different styles of pens. Advice on selection of materials, set-up, turning, and finishing techniques, and tips for final assembly of the pens make this book the ultimate reference for the field.
shop0887409393:Product Link on Barnes &

Dick Sing ReTurns
Unique and Unusual Pens from the Wood Lathe

Dick Sing
ISBN 0764303597
Schiffer Publishing, 1997

From the Publisher Once again, Dick Sing makes his mark with his high quality, beautiful pens and pencils. Sharing his skill and expertise at the wood lathe, he teaches you how to make something more than a mere instrument for writing--this is art, a keepsake, a great gift, something to make the turner proud. In his first book on pen turning, Sing provided basic instructions and lots of helpful tips. This book also provides the basics, adding new kinds of pens and variations on some of the old favorites. Tips are given for ways to work with challenging materials or grain alignments to create spectacular results. Dick details methods which make beautiful pens time after time. More than 260 photographs and detailed instructions advise the turner on more than a dozen variations, plus there are sections on the special equipment he has modified to make pen turning easier and improve the quality. A gallery of pens provides inspiration for variety and creativity.
shop0764303597:Product Link on Barnes &

Turning Pens & Pencils
Kip Christensen, Rex Burningham
ISBN 1861081006
Sterling Publishing, 2000

From the Publisher Here is the definitive guide to fashioning writing instruments, with superb photography that goes close-up and clarifies every procedure so you can select the one that's best for your abilities and tools. Turning pens and pencils is a quick, fun, and inexpensive way to express your creativity and design sense. The equipment is minimal (a lathe and little more) but the possibilities are many: there are ones that twist or click, a European-style pen, a tapered rollerball, fountain pens, and numerous variations. Work freehand, or try an alternative that combines a router and lathe; ornamental milling, or using a jeweler's lathe. Tips and tricks reveal which jigs and fittings increase efficiency. Bonus: an impressive gallery of finished items.
shop1861081006:Product Link on Barnes &

Turning Pens and Desk Accessories
Mike Cripps
ISBN 0764300512
Schiffer Publishing, 1996

From the Publisher Fifty years ago, the fountain pen was an expensive, and very personal, prized possession. Once deposed by mass produced ball points, the fountain pen is making an elegant return through the wood turner's art. Michael Cripps takes the reader through every step necessary to create elegant pens (fountain and ball point alike) with turned hardwood outer surfaces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each step is illustrated from the turner's perspective with detailed color photographs. Additional instructions are provided for creating desk accessories including letter openers and magnifying glasses with beautiful hardwood handles. Ladies' pens and perfume applicators round out the text. A gallery provides a view of the finished products. This book is wonderful for turners of all skill levels.
shop0764300512:Product Link on Barnes &

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Balsa USA Balsa USA makes USA Gold CA Glue
[CA=Cyanoacrylate Adhesive - "Superglue" - CA Glues Homepage]
CI FALL C.I. Fall Eskilstuna, Sweden — Woodworking tools since 1894.
CROWN tools Crown Hand Tools Ltd is a traditional, family owned, Sheffield, UK hand tool manufacturer.
Gorilla Glue Gorilla Glue — Strong Polyurethane glue — Bonds Wood, Stone, Metal, Ceramics, Plastics & More 100% Waterproof
Acorn / Diamic Henry Taylor Tools Ltd — Acorn Tools and Diamic brand woodturning tools, made in Sheffield, England.
Robert Sorby Robert Sorby in Sheffield, England produces an extensive selection of high quality wood turning, and wood carving tools.
JET tools JET is an industry leader in Woodworking, Metalworking, Material Handling and Air Tools.
Woodcut NEW Woodcut — woodturning tool designers and manufacturers from New Zealand.

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