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 Recommended Books
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»An ABC-Book«
»Century Dictionary «
»Mastering Copperplate«
»The Pencil«
»The Universal Penman«
»Writing & Illuminating & Lettering«
»Zanerian Manual«
swedish Swedish Encyclopedia
»Nordisk Familjebok 1891«
»Nordisk Familjebok 1918«
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 Steel Pen Nibs
Josiah Mason
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Zanerian Manual
The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing
EA Lupfer

Zaner-Bloser, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio
[read more]

  George Bickham
Bickham books

The Universal Penman
George Bickham, english calligrapher and engraver compiled »The Universal Penman« in the 1740s from the best specimens of the leading penmen of his day. [read more]


40,000 Art and Craft Supplies
New and Vintage Steel Pen Nibs - Online Catalog



century dictionary ornament
Century Dictionary, Vol. V,
Page 4367, Pempheris to Pen
various forms of pens
Pens of steel or gold...
Century Dictionary, Vol. V,
Page 3984, next to nice

Pen — Century Dictionary, Vol. V, Page 4367, Pempheris to Pen.
Nib — Century Dictionary, Vol. V, Page 3984, next to nice

"The Century Dictionary Online is now the largest freely available online dictionary. The entire text - 12 volumes, more than 10,000 pages, more than 500,000 definitions, 22 million searchable words, a biographical Cyclopedia, and a colorful world atlas."



 More about Steel Pens
*How Steel Pens and Nibs Are Made — »The Children's Encyclopaedias«, London 1899.
*PEN The 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is filled with historical information that is still relevant today.
*Vintage advertisements and Steel Pen catalogs.
*Pen Links — nibs, fountain pens, pencils...
the century dictionary »Century Dictionary Online — the largest freely available online dictionary. » — about new and vintage steel pen nibs.
copperplate »Favourite Copperplate typefaces — Commercial script fonts from ITC for mac and pc.
Booksearch »Search libraries and antiquarian booksellers.
vintage nibs »Vintage Steel Pen Catalogs and advertisements from my collection.
dip pens »Pen and nib links Dip pens, Nibs, Pen points, Pen tips, Pen holders, Pen staffs, Fountain pens, Leadholders, Pencils, Drafting tools and other writing & drawing instruments.
Click her for your favorite eBay items »eBay Search eBay auctions. Go to Collectibles > Autographs, Paper & Writing > Writing Instruments > Calligraphy Tools



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Encyclpaedia Britannica Ad
*WHEN IN DOUBT — “Look it up” in The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911 edition) FREE!
“The Sum of Human Knowledge”
*Read about the eleventh edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica in Wikipedia



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