Pelikan Graphos
filling instructions 1938

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 Pelikan Graphos
Pelikan Graphos
Pelikan Graphos
Vintage Indian Ink drafting fountain pen.
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 The Graphos Nib
Graphos Z2
1. Nib slit
2. Ink passage
3. Nib hook
4. Pivoting cover
5. Nib tongue
6. Protruding end
 Pelikan Calligraphy
Pelikan 120
pelikan capPelikan MC 120
Vintage Calligraphy Fountain Pen.
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The Graphos pen
was introduced in 1934. Read  more about Pelikan and Rotring Graphos Pens and check the nib table with over 60 different nibs.

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* Click Here for a modern four page Rotring Graphos Pamphlet with Instructions in French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

* Below is a filling instruction image from 1938.
pelikan graphos nib tin
Please note — I do not have Graphos pens for sale. Are you looking for Graphos pens — search eBay auctions  
Pelikan Ausziehtusche
Filling the Pelikan Graphos (1938)
Without removing the feed — Drop ink into the filling opening with the drawing ink cartridge or the pipette and fill up to the level. Avoid formation of air bubbles.”



Graphos NibsPelikan Graphos Nib Chart Read all about the Pelikan Graphos Indian ink drafting fountain pen for architects and engineers and check out the complete nib chart
Rotring Graphos Graphos Instructions How to use the Graphos Pens? Filling, Cleaning... Check out the Rotring Graphos Pamphlet from 1978.
*Check out the Graphos nibs for sale
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PELIKAN Tusche A = Drawing Ink A = Encre de Chine A
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