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Rotring Rapidograph Pen Set set of 4
 rotring rapidoliner

Rotring Rapidograph 4 Pen Set
These technical pens are practically maintenance free and give more consistent reliable performance than other technical pens. The secret is a unique disposable cartridge. The cartridge acts as a storage area for ink and as the vent channel for the ink to be fed to the nib. Once the cartridge is finished you replace it with an entirely new venting system. This makes the Rotring Rapidograph the easiest, most reliable, refillable technical pen available today. Stainless Steel nibs. Pen Sets - each set includes a pen holder for hand lettering and threaded, pen-compass attachment.The quality of more expensive refillable technical pens with the convenience of a disposable all-in-one ink cartridges/air channel system. These pens are ideal for comic book artists, letterers, architects, designers, engineers and hobbyists. Sizes: .25 mm, .35 mm, .50 mm, .70 mm.

basketBuy this pen set from (click here)

*The Rotring Rapidoliner is a disposable technical pen.

eBay There are often great deals on technical pens on the internet auctions, but I would not recommend buying a used pen. Look for never used, "New Old Stock" pens. Search eBay auctions for Rotring Rapidograph or the older (reliable but messy to clean and refill) Rotring Isograph

Rotring ArtPen
Calligraphy and Lettering Fountain Pen.
rotring Rotring International
Check out the manufacturer's web site.
(In 1998 rotring was acquired by Sanford)
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