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»Comsat Navy Volume
Comsat Navy is a T-26 font family with 7 styles: Box, Black, Fat, Station, Stealth, Storm and Unit. Designed by Malte Haust in 2000.
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TwoGuns »TwoGuns — Download USAAF Stencil Font and USAAF Serial Stencil Font by Kelly Corsette at Free windows pc font for personal use. [You might have to type 'usaaf' in the DaFont search box if the link doesn't work.]
[TwoGuns site at is down.]
Download skins, fonts...
1e JaVA »Download USAAF Stencil by "4thFG_TwoGuns" and some more cool aircraft fonts at — Dutch WW2 flightsimmers site (pc)
skinners heaven »Skinners Heaven has closed. Check out thea new site Simmers Paintshop.
Fw 190 »Skyraider's 3D Aviation Art Gallery, Tutorials, IL-2 Skins, the Luftwaffe font 'Blockschrift für Flugzeuge'...
4th FG :: ES »Check out the 4th Fighter Group and the Eagle Squadrons
IL2 Skins » - Unofficial Il2 Sturmovik 'Forgotten Battles' skin archive
Spitfire »FREE Aircraft fonts and dingbats
Flugzeugwerk »Free fonts & skins on Flugzeugwerk ( closed
100% FREE FONTSFREE Stencil Fonts — Download free mac and pc stencil typefaces. Links to the best Stencil font archives, Free Aircraft fonts, Free Army icons and dingbats... click here
Stencil FontsStencil Fonts
My favorite commercial stencil fonts.
U.S. Air ForceU.S. Air Force — Air Force Link — America's Air Force
MustangUSAAF — United States Army Air Forces Resource Center — About the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II on The Warbirds Resource Group site
IL*2 STURMOVIKIL-2 Sturmovik Official Website — play World War II aircraft battles online.
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Keywords: USAAF STENCIL and USAAF Serial Stencil are based on USAAF Aircraft lettering used during World War 2. Alternate characters included allow for the variety in stenciling seen in various USAAF units. The stenciling in USAAF SERIAL STENCIL is exaggerated so that details remain legible at the small type sizes needed for aircraft serial numbers. Consult the readme file for info on accessing additional characters. USAAF STENCIL standard character set : USAAF STENCIL additional characters : USAAF SERIAL STENCIL characters : copyright (c) 4thFG_TwoGuns, 2guns, 1e JaVA, on-line player group, IL-2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Battles, virtual squadron, combat flight simulator, pc, computer games, LAN flight sim, online flight sim, flight sim, aircraft, air battles, ground battles, IL-2 Sturmovik online, IL-2 online play, Combat sim, aircraft, planes, multiplayer flight sim, missions, online missions, flight missions, combat missions,WW II aircraft, WW II plane, World War II, Flight simulator, flight simulation, Ubi Soft, games,video,