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Goode & Co.
Nibs for Ornamental Penmanship

(C) J.Vitolo 2003
Goode & Co 82EF, 99EF, 801EF

Image by Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo,
Message: 9284
From: arcangel@c...
Date: Wed, Jul 30, 2003
Subject: Supplies
"Nibs: This is an area of much frustration. The best points are the vintage nibs; however, they are almost impossible to find. Of the modern nibs, serviceable choices are the Brause 66EF, Hunt 22B and the Gillott 303. There are others but these make an adequate starting point.”
Vintage Nib List — Goode & Co.
”These are remarkable high quality nibs. (Made by Perry & Co.)
Goode & Co, 82 EF (Very Flexible)
Goode & Co, 110 EF (Very Flexible)
Goode & Co, 99 EF (Mod. Flexibility)
Goode & Co, 801 EF (Mod. Flexibility)”
Joe Vitolo
Y! Read more about supplies and check out the long list of useful vintage nibs in message 9284 in the Ornamental Penmanship group on Yahoo!
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