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•Sveriges Pennfabrik #42F •Gillott #404 •Wm.Mitchell #0599F
•Perry & Co #1044F •Sommerville #791EF •Sveriges Pennfabrik #45M
•Wm.Mitchell #0707F •Brause #536F •Sveriges Pennfabrik #159EF
•Radius #358F •Soennecken #181F •Wm.Mitchell #0599EF
Nibs marked ''Sveriges Pennfabrik, IMP." (The Swedish Pen Factory) were manufactured by William Mitchell in Birmingham, England.
»Elbow nibs, Oblique nibs, Z-shape nibs«

Copperplate is an elegant seventeenth-century style of writing. Copperplate writing requires a narrow-pointed pen with a deep slit, made to respond to pressure from the writer's hand in order to produce the swelling lines and curves characteristic of this style. The pronounced right-hand slope the copperplate hand requires can be helped by the ‘elbow-oblique’ pen which is held at one angle while the nib points in another.”
John Shyvers, The Calligrapher's handbook
*Learn more in the book Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters.
*Most left-handed writers prefer a straight flexible nib in a straight pen holder. The ‘elbow-oblique’ nibs are NOT recommended for left-handers.
*Check out my favorite Copperplate Script Fonts
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