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 Acacia Senegal
Acacia Senegal
»View enlarged image — from 'Köhlers Medizinal Pflanzen' in The Missouri Botanical Garden Library
»Check out the picture in Thomas Schoepke's Plant Image Gallery
 Ink Recipes
Ink Corrosion Site
»How to make your own ink Common to all older recipes for iron gall ink are : galls and vitriol (together forming the colorant); water (the solvent); and gum (the binder). Read more on the Ink Corrosion Site
»Recipes for old writing and drawing inks by Evan Lindquist, Arkansas State University.
»Some Ink Recipes compiled by Claes G Lindblad
 Cynips gallae-tinctoriae
Cynips gallae-tinctoriae
»Oak galls Tannic acid can be obtained from the Aleppo gall found on oak trees. The trees produce gall tissue in response to a chemical substance secreted by the larvae of tiny wasps that infest the trees. Read more on Entomology for Educators by Dr. John R. Meyer
 False Rumor
"Terrorist Usama bin Laden Is Collecting Profits From 'Gum Arabic'
»Urban Legends and Folklore Read about the Osama Bin Laden / Gum Arabic Connection at
»Read the Gum Arabic Company's (GAC) letter about the rumor
»Check out rumors, virus warnings and urban legends to see if they are Truth! or Fiction!
»Read The National Soft Drink Association's (NSDA) Statement Regarding Gum Arabic and bin Laden
 Simulated Arabic Font
faux arabic
»PIXymbols Faux Arabic
Font designed by Roger Vershen at Page Studio Graphics Based on Arabic calligraphic script, the font includes upper and lower case alpha-bets, numerals, punctuation and several ligatures, as well as typical Arabic geometric designs. Download the PIXymbols Faux Arabic font at

"Gum Arabic A water-soluble gum obtained from several species of the acacia tree, especially Acacia senegal and A. arabica , and used in the manufacture of adhesives and ink, and as a binding medium for marbling colors. Historically, gum arabic was used to increase the viscosity of ink, or to make it flow well, to prevent it from feathering, and to suspend the coloring matter
»Read more in the electronic edition of Roberts and Etherington, Bookbinding and the Conservation of books, A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology.
Order Gum Arabic from our US advertisers &

Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic Solution 2.5 oz. bottle gum arabic solution
*A pale colored solution that increases the gloss and transparency of water colors. Thin with water. Natural gum/water/preservative.
shopBuy Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic Solution from
Daler-Rowney Gum Arabic Solution 2.5 oz. jar gum arabic
*Use Gum Arabic Solution to increase the gloss and transparency of watercolor. Add to watercolor in small amounts until the desired level of transparency is achieved. May be thinned with water.
shopBuy Daler-Rowney Gum Arabic Solution from
Gum Arabic Powder
Acacia treeAcaciaGum Arabic is a natural product of the Acacia Senegal tree, occurring as an exudate from the trunks and branches. It is normally collected by hand when dried, when it resembles a hard, amber-like resin normally referred to as 'tears'. Gum arabic is widely used in the food industry, as an emulsifier, thickener, flavour encapsulator and thickening agent.

Grieve's classic 'A Modern Herbal': It is employed as a soothing agent in inflammatory conditions of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tract, and is useful in diarrhoea and dysentery. It exerts a soothing influence upon all the surfaces with which it comes in contact. Gum Acacia is an ingredient of all the official Trochisci, and various syrups, pastes and pastilles or jujubes. Gum Acacia is highly nutritious. During the time of the gum harvest, the Moors of the desert are said to live almost entirely on it, and it has been proved that 6 oz. is sufficient to support an adult for twenty-four hours. In many cases of disease, it is considered that a solution of Gum Arabic may for a time constitute the exclusive drink and food of the patient.
Acacia / Gum Arabic
Available as: PURE DRIED HERB (GUM, gum powder and flowers). 4oz, 8oz, 1lb , 5lb and in bulk. Acacias (pron. ah-cay-see-uhs) are a diverse group of trees related to beans (Family Leguminosae; Fabaceae in the US). Acacias are found throughout the tropics. Their range is restricted by cold winters as most species cannot survive frost. Acacias have characteristic "pinnate" leaves, comprised of tiny leaflets, and red or yellow flowers with many stamens that gives them a fluffy appearance. Many have tough thorns as they generally lack protective toxic compounds. A number of species are symbiotic with ants, which offer an additional level of protection. A well-known type acacias are the mimosas such as the Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica) which has leaves that close when touched.

shopBuy Gum Arabic Powder from UnbeatableSale, Inc.


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Manufacturers' web sites
Da Vinci Paints Da Vinci Paint Co — artist colors made in the USA, mediums, varnishes, brushes and palette knives.
Daler Rowney Daler Rowney — manufacturers of fine art materials and art supplies - including artists colour, surfaces, brushes and accessories
Winsor Newton Winsor & Newton — features painting tips and techniques of using watercolor, acrylics, or oils.
Gum Arabic Information
Gum Arabic Company Ltd The Gum Arabic Company limited (GAC) is the sole exporter of crude Gum Arabic from the Sudan since 1969 and the world leader in this area. GASID Gum Arabic Sudanese International Distribution has products, news and links.
PLT PLT & Co The major importers of gum arabic in the U.S. do business with Sudan's Gum Arabic Co. through P.L. Thomas & Co. Inc. of Morristown, N.J.
CoOl CoOl Conservation OnLine Resources for Conservation Professionals.
mfa, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) CAMEO, Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online. (new url sep.2003)
food resource FOOD Resource a source of science-base and business savvy information for the food industry
Martin Chaplin Martin Chaplin Professor of Applied Science writes about the chemical properties of Gum Arabic. [alternative site]
WINROCK Winrock International : FACT net Check out the Acacia senegal fact sheet in the Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network.
Henriette's King's American Dispensatory on Henriette's Herbal Homepage — one of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the net.
Gum Arabic Thomas Schoepke Plant image gallery
[Acacia Senegal image] — read about Acacia Gum in Grieve's classic A Modern Herbal first published in 1931.
Shenet swedenShenet Information service on skin care, and perfumery. (in Swedish)

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The Household Cyclopedia, 1881
CyclopediaTHE HOUSEHOLD CYCLOPEDIA OF GENERAL INFORMATION CONTAINING OVER TEN THOUSAND RECEIPTS IN ALL THE USEFUL AND DOMESTIC ARTS Matthew Spong has scanned the 1881 book "The Household Cyclopedia". It contains an interesting section on ink recipes. Read online at or download the complete text on


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