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Saturday, 6 May 2006
Cantina Sant'Andrea - Azienda Agricola
Topic: Art
I just came home after one week in Italy. Found some nice wine at Cantina Sant' Andrea

posted by niblog at 14:53 MEST
Sunday, 16 April 2006
Kids' versions of great works of art
Topic: Art
Wrong Wrong Wrong! by hcazorp for the Worth1000 photoshopping contest Childhood Renaissance 3. "Recently discovered: an early art project by young MC Escher." (via

posted by niblog at 08:39 MEST
Updated: Sunday, 16 April 2006 08:49 MEST
Sunday, 26 February 2006
Japanese Ex-libris Stamps
Topic: Art
Japanese Ex-libris Stamps -- "Ex-libris ownership stamps were imprinted in books to clearly indicate to which collection these literary works belonged. They were first seen in China from where they were brought to Japan. While we can trace Japan's oldest ex-libris ownership stamps back to the Nara period (710 to 794), we cannot pinpoint when nor how they were introduced to Japan." (via the cartoonist April 2005)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Monday, 20 February 2006
Collectible Soup Cans
Topic: Art
Limited Edition Campbell's Soup Cans for sale on eBay. "This auction is for a four can set of the limited edition Andy Warhol / Campbell's soup cans."
Auction ends 20.Feb.2006. View eBay item #7219435011. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for Campbell's Can

posted by niblog at 00:02 CET
Saturday, 18 February 2006
Campbell's Collectible Die-Cast VW Beetle
Topic: Art
Campbell's Die-Cast 1952 VW Beetle for sale on eBay. "This Campbell's model represents the 1952 VW Beetle. The pop art design is representative of the free art expression that prevailed during the 1960's. This die-cast model has been made with care and attention to fine detail by skilled craftsmen. Made in England by Lledo PLC " Auction ends 18.Feb.2006. View eBay item #7007884980. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for Campbell's VW

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 18 February 2006 20:13 CET
Sunday, 27 November 2005
Blackmail Boxes
Topic: Art
Blackmail Boxes - a photoset on Flickr created by edwingore (via

posted by niblog at 16:16 CET
Saturday, 19 November 2005
Barbara Kruger
Topic: Art -- art by Barbara Kruger.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Friday, 18 November 2005
Graphic Standards Manual
Topic: Art
Design like Barbara Kruger at (via boing boing)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Friday, 14 October 2005
Sledgehammer-operated keyboard
Topic: Art
Chicago artist Taylor Hokanson constructed a massive computer keyboard that you type on with a sledgehammer. (via Boing Boing)

posted by niblog at 07:08 MEST
Sunday, 18 September 2005
Stolen Rembrandt work recovered
Topic: Art
A self-portrait by Rembrandt has been recovered by Danish police, nearly five years after it was stolen in a daring raid on Sweden's National Museum. The self-portrait shows the artist aged 26 in 1632. (BBC News)

posted by niblog at 00:03 MEST
Friday, 9 September 2005
Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein
Topic: Art
Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein -- David Barsalou has moved his 'Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein' site to flickr

posted by niblog at 07:20 MEST
Saturday, 28 May 2005
Cool Nib on flickr
Topic: Art
Nib Streetart in Brighton. From Hutch1000's photos on flickr.

Art by Hutch at
Check out Hutch's Street Art links page

posted by niblog at 01:19 MEST
Friday, 27 May 2005
Sausage Sculpture
Topic: Art
Learn how to do Sausage Sculptures at the Nippon Meatpackers site. Your complete guide to sausage sculpture. Even includes step-by-step videos. (via

Read an old post about Water Melon Carvings

posted by niblog at 00:01 MEST
Updated: Saturday, 28 May 2005 19:18 MEST
Saturday, 30 April 2005
Art Teachers' Movie Guide
Topic: Art
The Art Historians' Guide to the Movies (AHGttM) is a record of appearances of and references to famous works of art and architecture in the movies. It is intended to be a source for teachers of art history who are considering showing clips or entire films as part of their presentation of the traditional arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture. AHGttM was created by Craig Eliason, assistant professor of modern art history at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. (via linkfilter)

»My Art Links are updated

posted by niblog at 08:10 MEST
Monday, 18 April 2005
Gold Leaf Information
Topic: Art
Zinnober Gold Leaf Information -- " is a sister site to dedicated to making the use of gold easy for anyone to understand. Gold leaf has been used for thousands of years to adorn many different types of surfaces, yet very few people are actually aware of how gold surfaces are created and of the materials involved. Many people believe that a gold paint is used; in fact, thin sheets of gold are adhered to the surface." Find out How Gold Leaf is made (via OP Group)

posted by niblog at 01:35 MEST
Wednesday, 13 April 2005
Chinese Watermelon Art
Topic: Art
Chinese Watermelon Carvings -- Art? Sculpture? Food? (via Jane Parillo in Cyberscribes)

posted by niblog at 06:34 MEST
Wednesday, 30 March 2005
Vincent Van Google
Topic: Art
Google -- The Google logo today is a tribute to Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853 ? July 29, 1890). View old official Google holiday and event logos at including my old favorite from Piet Mondrian's Birthday - March 7, 2002. And check out the fake Google logos at the fan site

Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 30, 1853 ? July 29, 1890) was a Dutch painter, generally considered one of the greatest painters in European art history... Read more in Wikipedia
Search Google Images for Van Gogh paintings
Van Gogh Museum - The artist's life and times, exhibitions and the Museum's collection.
Van Gogh's letters - Unabridged

posted by niblog at 17:52 CET
Updated: Wednesday, 30 March 2005 22:22 CET
Tuesday, 22 March 2005
The Gates : An Experiment in Collective Memory
Topic: Art
Christo and Jeanne-Claude : The Gates project in Central Park -- "The Institute for the Future of the Book has created The Gates: an experiment in collective memory, with Flickr providing the venue for collecting and tagging of the photos. There are over 7,000 photographs of the gates on Flickr to date -- undoubtedly one of the most photographed works of art of all time (much more than even cloud gate, where people uploaded photos in protest of the ban on photographing the work!)..." (Via FlickrBlog)

posted by niblog at 01:41 CET
Tuesday, 22 February 2005
The Rorschach Inkblots
Topic: Art
The Rorschach test -- This site shows black and white outlines of the Rorschach inkblots. "Most people have heard of the Rorschach test (pronounced 'ror-shock'), but few have ever seen a real Rorschach inkblot. The blots are kept secret. When you see an inkblot in a popular article on the test (as in the Encyclopaedia Britannica entry on the Rorschach test), it's a fake: it's an inkblot, but not one of the inkblots. There are only ten Rorschach inkblots." (via marchdesign)

Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922) was a Swiss psychiatrist and the son of a painter. He took a deep interest in psychoanalysis, and during the 1910's he published several psychoanalytic articles. He experimented with the interpretation of ink blots, as did Leonardo da Vinci and Justinus Kerner. In 1921 he published Psychodiagnostik, these 10 inkblots and a guide to analysis of how people interpreted them. This work is now regarded a classic of psychiatry and also, art. See the inkblots in color at the Hermann Rorschach Artist Page

You can buy the "secret" inkblots at, or search for the Rorschach color plates on eBay auctions

posted by niblog at 00:05 CET
Sunday, 6 February 2005
The Last Supper Parodies
Topic: Art
A small collection of parodies of da Vinci's Last Supper at Erik Stattin's Swedish blog

"When a clothes company tried presenting a group of well-dressed women in a Last Supper style pose, their poster campaign was banned in Milan."

»Read the story Milan bans Da Vinci parody - about The Last Supper advertisement for Marithé + François Girbaud. The Guardian, 4.Feb.2005. (More in Guardian : Newsblog)

» - jeans, fashion.

»Search Google for more Last Supper Images

»Mona Lisa Images for a Modern World features parodies of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting and discussion from a modern cultural perspective...

posted by niblog at 13:35 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 March 2005 00:38 CET

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