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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
No time to blog
Mood:  sad
Topic: Blogging

Sorry, but the blog is temporarily closed. I hope it will reopen. Check out my photos at flickr

posted by niblog at 12:02 MEST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 12:05 MEST
Friday, 6 January 2006
Modest Change : Cancel Something
Topic: Blogging
Cancel Something -- Think about all the things you've invited or allowed into your life in the past couple years... Read more in

posted by niblog at 11:26 CET
Sunday, 13 November 2005
Niblog's 1st birthday
Topic: Blogging
"Pooh is ready for the party with bright hand-painted detail. 2-3 in. high."

I started Niblog 1 year ago. Should I get Pooh's 1 Year Theme Package or just the Pooh w/cake candle

(Read Niblog's first 10 posts from November 2004.)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Monday, 31 October 2005
Public Notice -- Niblog is closed for one week
Topic: Blogging

No blogging
for one week. Niblog reopens Monday 7. Nov. 2005.
Image source:
Check out the exhibition, 'No More Beer' : Images from the Prohibition Era.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005 07:37 CET
Sunday, 25 September 2005
Webzine 2005
Topic: Blogging
Webzine 2005 is a real world, face-to-face celebration of independent publishing on the Internet.

posted by niblog at 00:55 MEST
Monday, 8 August 2005
Back to work
Topic: Blogging
Back in Stockholm. Back to work. Blogging again in new sneakers: Adidas Handball Spezial

posted by niblog at 00:01 MEST
Updated: Monday, 8 August 2005 17:20 MEST
Saturday, 2 July 2005
MIT Weblog Survey
Topic: Blogging
Take the MIT Weblog Survey Take the MIT Weblog Survey 2005 -- I did!

posted by niblog at 19:08 MEST
Sunday, 19 June 2005
Weather in Stockholm
Topic: Blogging

Weather forecast from Weather Underground. The banner will automatically display the most up to date current weather conditions for Bromma Airport, Stockholm, Sweden.

posted by niblog at 19:44 MEST
Updated: Monday, 20 June 2005 11:58 MEST
Sunday, 17 April 2005
FeedMap and GeoURL - My Location
Topic: Blogging
FeedMap -- Find out where I blog from or see other bloggers in my area on My Blogmap powered by Check out the blogs around Niblog.

GeoURL is back. Here is a list of Sites near Niblog.

Technorati tags: : :

posted by niblog at 00:20 MEST
Updated: Thursday, 21 April 2005 07:09 MEST
Thursday, 14 April 2005
StorTroopers - make yourself!
Topic: Blogging
StorTroopers are back - and updated. There's the original classic set, plus the gothTroopers and a new wardrobe for fashionistaTroopers. They've added a Creative Commons license, which means that you can add stuff to your trooper yourself. (via linkfilter)

My kids love this site. They made the storTrooper, and they say he looks like me.

posted by niblog at 00:03 MEST
Updated: Friday, 15 April 2005 00:21 MEST
Friday, 25 February 2005
Topic: Blogging provides a free, easy to use commenting and trackback system for weblogs and websites...

posted by niblog at 06:20 CET
Monday, 21 February 2005
Topic: Blogging
This is my new gravatar -- "A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80x80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?" Learn more at

("Every gravatar submission is rated with an MPAA style rating before it is made publicly available. A G rated gravatar is suitable for display on all websites with any audience type. Nothing potentially offensive will be given this rating.")

posted by niblog at 02:54 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 February 2005 22:10 CET
Saturday, 19 February 2005
Technorati - What's happening on the Web right now
Topic: Blogging
I just added Niblog to Technorati. "Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere -- the world of weblogs."

Technorati Profile

posted by niblog at 01:03 CET
Updated: Saturday, 19 February 2005 11:23 CET
Friday, 18 February 2005
Var är du? - Where are you?
Topic: Blogging
Var är du? Svenska bloggar på karta. (Where are you? - Swedish blogs on the map.)

posted by niblog at 23:34 CET
Friday, 4 February 2005 - online diaries
Topic: Blogging

posted by niblog at 06:16 CET
Updated: Friday, 4 February 2005 06:37 CET
Wednesday, 2 February 2005
Gmail - 1GB free email space
Topic: Blogging
It is useful to have a Gmail address (Google's free Webmail service). 1 gigabyte storage is great.

»The only way you can get a Gmail account is by invitation. (Thanks Johnny!) For almost nine months, provided a place for nice people to help nice people. Now Gmail Swap is closed, and says: "Google is tossing out invitations as if they were candy - if you're looking for one, chances are that one of your friends, or someone at another online community, can help you out."

posted by niblog at 00:00 CET
Updated: Monday, 20 June 2005 21:40 MEST
Sunday, 30 January 2005
Automatic Blogroll
Topic: Blogging
I really like 80x15 pixels link buttons and manually designed blogrolls, but right now I am testing an automatic link manager.

Here is my public blogroll, listing the RSS feeds I currently read. (Powered by Bloglines)

posted by niblog at 00:08 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 February 2005 23:43 CET
Friday, 28 January 2005
Blog from Sweden
Topic: Blogging
 I read Stationsvakt - Johnny Söderberg's blog (in Swedish).

 Find more blogs in Swedish at Bloggar på svenska, Artikelverkstan.
 More about Swedish blogs in this post 24.Jan.2005.

posted by niblog at 00:34 CET
Monday, 24 January 2005
Svenskt webbloggindex finns inte : Swedish blog directory closed
Topic: Blogging
The Swedish Weblogindex (Svenskt webbloggindex) run by Erik Stattin no longer exists.

Find Swedish blogs at,,,,, and has been suspended or cancelled.

posted by niblog at 10:48 CET
Updated: Friday, 28 January 2005 01:44 CET
Wednesday, 19 January 2005
Sidebar Buttons
Topic: Blogging

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Thursday, 20 January 2005 22:00 CET

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