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Monday, 6 March 2006
Charles Dickens Action Figure
Topic: Quills
Charles Dickens Action Figure -- The novels of Charles Dickens captured the essence of Victorian society so well that the entire period is often described as Dickensian. To this day, none of his novels have ever gone out of print in England. This 14 cm tall, hard vinyl action figure comes with a quill pen and a removable hat!

The Dickens figure is produced by Accoutrements. They also makes Shakespeare, Einstein, Freud, Beethoven, Jesus and many more action figures

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posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Saturday, 4 March 2006
Soyez Freres - Quill toothpicks since 1832
Topic: Quills
The Company Soyez Freres SA, a family firm founded in 1832 in the Paris area, is currently headed by Mr. Gerard Soyez, the founder's great grandson. In 1958 the company moved to Donzy, in central France, its present location. Originally it was specialised in the treatment of feathers for the fashion world, bedding, brushes, sport (badminton shuttlecocks) and catering (goose feather toothpicks). In the 1920s it extended its activity to include drinking straws. Straw production has constantly expanded and, with the disappearance of the feather department, the company has focused its activity solely on plastic extrusion.

"The quill toothpick was invented by Soyez's grandfather in 1832. The Soyez family had raised geese for generations, but it was Grandpa Soyez who discovered that the scrap left from goose quill pens and drinking straws could be shaped into effective toothpicks." Quote from authorized North American importers and distributors of French-made 'quill' toothpicks.

posted by niblog at 02:20 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 02:43 CET
Friday, 3 March 2006
Quill Toothpick
Topic: Quills
Quill Toothpick -- About 150 years ago, in France, a gentleman named Soyez had a brilliant idea. He fashioned a toothpick from a hollow goose quill. When shaped correctly, the quill became a remarkable dental cleaning device.

Gradually, a new business was born. As demand for these remarkable quills grew, it became necessary to find a faster, more uniform way to manufacture more toothpicks. Today's quill toothpicks are manufactured and packaged, under strict sanitary conditions, from the highest quality plastic. The product is more durable, and superior in many ways to the predecessor found in nature.

The plastic quill toothpick has an indefinite shelf life, unlike the old goose quills that tended to dry out and split if stored for more than a couple of years. The plastic quill toothpick is more durable and retains its fine cleaning qualities even with much use. In fact many users report that they will use the same Cure-dent Quill Toothpick several times. Read more at, authorized North American importers and distributors of French-made 'quill' toothpicks.

»Search eBay for quill toothpick

posted by niblog at 09:13 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 02:41 CET
Thursday, 2 March 2006
Is this the end of calligraphy as we know it?
Topic: Quills
No more Quills -- BBC reports the Swedish bird flu case is 'not H5N1' but I am not sure I want to collect bird feathers this summer.

IMAGE: German Swan, "Scientists fear migrating birds may spread the virus further" BBC News, AP.

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posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 02:38 CET
Sunday, 3 April 2005
Antique Quill Nibs for Ink Pens
Topic: Quills
Antique Quill Nibs for Ink Pens for sale on eBay. "A small box approx 1 1/2"Sq x 3/4" of Mordan & Cos Patent Portable Pens, Patentees of the ever sharp pointed pencils London, containing approx 13 what look like quill nibs." Auction ends 4.Apr.2005. View eBay item #6521413964. (I have no business relation with the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid was GBP 226.00 (Approx. US $425)

posted by niblog at 09:05 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 03:04 CET
Thursday, 3 March 2005
The Ink and Quill
Topic: Quills
The Ink and Quill -- A Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive. (I don't read fanfiction - but the site's name is cool.)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 14:52 CET
Sunday, 27 February 2005
Mordan & Co Patent Portable Pens - Natural Quill Nibs
Topic: Quills
S. Mordan & Co. Natural Quill Nibs in Box sold on eBay. "Full box of natural quill nibs by the famous S Mordan Co. There are 24 nibs in the box and only one has been stained with ink. The box is in great condition with one wax drip on the top as shown in photos." Auction ended 27.Feb.2005. View eBay item #6155770597.
UPDATE: Winning bid was US $272.00

»Search eBay for quills

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 07:54 CET
Thursday, 24 February 2005
Parley's Magazine : Art of Pen Making (1834)
Topic: Quills
Art of Pen Making (reprinted from The Young Lady's Book; from Parley's Magazine, 13 September 1834, pp. 15-16)

"The complaint of having wretched pens, ink, and paper, as an excuse for careless or unintelligible writing, is a plea that ought never to be accepted from a young lady. She can rarely, if ever, be placed in situations where she cannot obtain paper and ink of proper quality. Quills are also easily obtained, and she ought to be able to make or mend a pen herself. If she have not already acquired the mode of performing this very useful operation, the following directions will, perhaps, be of considerable assistance. It is of course necessary that she should be furnished with a good pen-knife."

Read more at Pat Pflieger's and check out the Small Gallery of Magazine Covers (1815-1872).

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posted by niblog at 00:59 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 14:57 CET
Sunday, 19 December 2004
William Shakespeare Action Figure with removable Quill Pen!
Topic: Quills
To buy or not to buy the Shakespeare action figure... that is the question!
Today I almost bought the hard plastic William Shakespeare Action Figure as a christmas gift. I really liked the removable book and quill pen! Then I realized my son doesn't play with action figures anymore, and so I didn't buy it (from the Combo Store in Stockholm).

»The Shakespeare toy is produced by Accoutrements. They also makes Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Beethoven, Jesus and many more action figures
»Search eBay auctions for William Shakespeare Action Figures
»Buy the Shakespeare Action Figure from

UPDATE: View a larger image on my

posted by niblog at 18:29 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 08:07 CET

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