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Friday, 21 October 2005
Hand-stitched dos commands
Topic: Design
Needlepointed tracert output -- "This crafty needlepointer has stitched out a sampler bearing the output of a trace-route as run from the DOS tracert command." (via boing boing)

posted by niblog at 06:25 MEST
Updated: Saturday, 22 October 2005 06:49 MEST
Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Duct Tape Bandages
Topic: Design
"The nice thing about 3M owning so many lines of products, is that they can cross the brands to make some interesting hybrids. Nexcare 3M Duct Tape Bandages are bandages made to look and feel like real duct tape." (via Strange New Products)

posted by niblog at 00:08 MEST
Tuesday, 11 October 2005
The Garbage Pail Kids Archive
Topic: Design
The Garbage Pail Kids Archive -- Anything any everything that has anything to do with the Garbage Pail Kids. Includes pictures of hundreds of cards and other memorabilia. (via

posted by niblog at 07:37 MEST
Wednesday, 5 October 2005
Coop Stuff
Topic: Design
Underground art master COOP. (via boing boing)

posted by niblog at 00:57 MEST
Monday, 3 October 2005
The PocketMod
Topic: Design
PocketMod is a free disposable personal organizer. (via the cartoonist)

posted by niblog at 00:17 MEST
Sunday, 2 October 2005
Grid-it! Notepads
Topic: Design
Grid It Notepads -- "Grids form as essential part of our lives. We may not always notice them, but their influence on what we see, hear and do is everywhere. Grid-it! notepads and shelves are a selection of grids that played a historic role in the development of design systems." (via groupies)

posted by niblog at 00:01 MEST
Saturday, 1 October 2005
Cool Coke Bottles
Topic: Design
Funky new bottles for Coca Cola will appear at the trendiest lounges and night clubs. (via

posted by niblog at 00:24 MEST
Updated: Saturday, 1 October 2005 00:28 MEST
Monday, 26 September 2005
Pimp my Lawnmower - Pimp My Gr?sklippare
Topic: Design
Pimp my Lawnmower -- cool T-shirt from [Pimp My Gräsklippare]. (Read in NME about George Jones' lawnmower)

posted by niblog at 03:23 MEST
Updated: Thursday, 6 July 2006 19:14 MEST
Friday, 23 September 2005
Topic: Design
Indonesian packaging art -- a gallery of Indonesian labels, logomarks and packaging. (via

posted by niblog at 10:00 MEST
Thursday, 22 September 2005
And Now For Something Completely Violent
Topic: Design
Matchbox packaging art -- a photoset on flickr. These are scans of 1/76 scale Matchbox plastic model kits. A good portion of the painted artworks on the front of the boxes are signed by a Mr. Roy Huxley. (by aperturequiet, via

posted by niblog at 06:27 MEST
Wednesday, 21 September 2005
Bad Design Kills
Topic: Design
Bad Design Kills -- Persuading the masses to the value of Good Design.

posted by niblog at 07:01 MEST
Monday, 5 September 2005
What can you Hemi?
Topic: Design
What did they Hemi? -- check out the Paper Shredder with a Hemi 5.7L V8 engine!

posted by niblog at 00:16 MEST
Friday, 2 September 2005
Macintosh Stories: Swedish Campground
Topic: Design
Swedish Campground -- "...It's difficult to come up with a small icon that means 'command', and we didn't think of anything right away. Our bitmap artist Susan Kare had a comprehensive international symbol dictionary and she leafed through it, looking for an appropriate symbol that was distinctive, attractive and had at least something to do with the concept of a menu command.

Finally she came across a floral symbol that was used in Sweden to indicate an interesting feature or attraction in a campground. She rendered a 16 x 16 bitmap of the little symbol and showed it to the rest of the team, and everybody liked it. Twenty years later, even in OS X, the Macintosh still has a little bit of a Swedish campground in it."
Read the story at (via coudal)

posted by niblog at 00:01 MEST
Updated: Friday, 2 September 2005 00:47 MEST
Saturday, 27 August 2005
Raymond Savignac
Topic: Design
A collection of Japanese commercial prints by Raymond Savignac. (via

posted by niblog at 18:43 MEST
Monday, 22 August 2005
Young girl's sticker collection from late '70s
Topic: Design
Swapatorium has scans of a young girl's sticker collection from 25 years ago purchased at a flea market. (via boingboing)

posted by niblog at 00:06 MEST
Saturday, 20 August 2005
Fastest printer in the world
Topic: Design
The Mitsuibishi Diamondstar 90 is reportedly the fastest offset printer in the world, capable of running 90,000 color newssheets per hour. (via Red Ferret and

posted by niblog at 18:52 MEST
Updated: Saturday, 20 August 2005 19:02 MEST
Friday, 19 August 2005
The Exciting Game of Career Girls
Topic: Design
The Exciting Game of Career Girls (via

posted by niblog at 00:01 MEST
Updated: Saturday, 20 August 2005 18:36 MEST
Thursday, 18 August 2005
ABECEDARIUM, A Guild of Book Workers Exhibit of Alphabet Books
Topic: Design
ABeCeDarium : An Exhibit of Alphabet Books -- The Guild of Book Workers' 1998/99 members' exhibition is an excellent representation of contemporary work in binding, letterpress printing, calligraphy, illustration and artists' books.
contents :: exhibit

posted by niblog at 08:51 MEST
Wednesday, 17 August 2005
A massive gallery of people giving the finger to Hummers.
Topic: Design "The H2 is the ultimate poseur vehicle. It has the chassis of a Chevy Tahoe and a body that looks like the original Hummer; i.e. it's a Chevy Tahoe in disguise." is a massive gallery of people giving the finger to Hummers. (via coudal)

[Official site of Hummer]

posted by niblog at 00:37 MEST
Sunday, 14 August 2005
Scrabble Jewelry
Topic: Design
Scrabble earrings and more scrabble jewelry from ML Studios

posted by niblog at 09:46 MEST

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