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Sunday, 13 March 2005
Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Nib Wipe
Topic: Nibs
Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Nib Wipe for sale on eBay. "This fine item being a bronze pig with it's back packed with bristle, for wiping excess ink from pen nibs, is in good condition, apart from some missing bristle, and has been lightly polished which has removed some of the patina." Auction ends 13.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6158770323. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid was GBP 35.00 (Approx. US $67.19)

posted by niblog at 20:51 CET
Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006 09:52 MEST
Journalisimo - Back to Analog
Topic: Design
Journalisimo is a collaborative effort between graphic designer Mike Rohde and Armand Frasco of

"While we recognize the power of our digital existence, we long for the tactile feel of ink on paper. We celebrate the freedom from power supplies, batteries, wireless networks and fragile electronics. We seek to elevate the written word and the freehand sketch on fine paper. We celebrate the journal as the optimal analog device for expression and enjoyment."

Journalisimo | Back to Analog

posted by niblog at 02:34 CET
Saturday, 12 March 2005
Manga Cover Art Contest
Topic: Comics
Manga Cover Art Contest -- Introducing the Manga University Cover Art Contest, the competition that gives you the chance to have your illustration featured on the cover of an upcoming Manga University book. Contest begins on Jan.10.2005, and entries must be received no later than April.15.2005.

Recommended manga book
Cool manga links
Favorite manga nibs

posted by niblog at 09:55 CET
Updated: Saturday, 12 March 2005 18:06 CET
Friday, 11 March 2005
Full box of Indian Pen Nibs
Topic: Nibs
Nib Box from India sold on eBay. "Indian nib boxes are actually very difficult to find. This one contains one gross (144) of red-ink type nibs, smooth and bright, so called because they were originally designed to write on fabric with a special red ink. These were manufactured by the Mehra-Leonardt Company, established by Highley Pen Co. in 1950, and are marked 2000 - MASTER - RED INK PEN - INDIA." Auction ended 11.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6160057005. Winning bid was US $22.72. (I did not buy them.)

»Search eBay for nibs

posted by niblog at 21:41 CET
Updated: Friday, 11 March 2005 22:41 CET
Skatalites 40th Anniversary
Topic: Music
The Skatalites will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a show in NYC on March 13. 2005. (via

Listen to "The legendary Skatalites" recorded live in Reading, England. (from BBC online)
Now Available: MP3 of "Reggae In The Wind" from Lester Sterling's Sterling Silver CD release.

UPDATE: NYC show cancelled! "Greetings all, We apologize but both parties have agreed that the show at Crash Mansion on Sunday March 13 is now cancelled. A full refund is available to the people who bought tickets online. Please watch for a NYC date to be posted on the concert listings page. We soon come mon!"

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posted by niblog at 02:56 CET
Updated: Saturday, 12 March 2005 13:09 CET
Thursday, 10 March 2005
Giant Steps - John Coltraine - Michal Levy
Topic: Animation
"When I listen to music I see colors and shapes and when I watch visual art I hear sounds. I wanted to express my sensing of shapes colors and music in this short movie."

"I have chosen a short Jazz piece, which I have known for many years of my playing the saxophone: 'Giant Steps' by John Coltraine. Coltraine made a major break through with his album 'Giant Steps' in the year 1959. It was the first time in the history of Jazz music that someone based his music on symmetrical patterns, which stemmed from a mathematical division of the musical scale." Watch Michal Levy's animation at (Duration of film, 2:15 minutes) (via growabrain)

posted by niblog at 00:17 CET
Wednesday, 9 March 2005
Robert Crumb interview in the Guardian
Topic: Comics
Robert Crumb Interview "From 60s hippies to 90s film-makers and 21st-century art galleries, each generation has rediscovered the misanthropic, sex-obsessed cartoonist Robert Crumb. Now it is to happen again: in coming days he will be the subject of two retrospectives, a film season and a new biography. To celebrate, the Guardian this week will publish a selection of new and little-known Crumbs, along with some more familiar works. Simon Hattenstone introduces the series by interviewing him at his home in the south of France."
(via Thought Balloons 7.Mar.2005)

posted by niblog at 00:54 CET
Updated: Wednesday, 9 March 2005 00:59 CET
Tuesday, 8 March 2005
Amazone - Vintage Advertising
Topic: Design
Vintage Advertising -- Check out all the old ads posted in the LiveJournal community Vintage Ads' Journal

Image: Amazone, 6. March 2005.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Tuesday, 8 March 2005 06:23 CET
Monday, 7 March 2005
Vintage Complete F. Soennecken Nib Collection
Topic: Nibs
Vintage Complete F. Soennecken Nib Collection for sale on eBay. "...a rare complete set of nibs from the famed German F. Soennecken Company. Each is in original unused condition and in their original green folder with protective liner. There are a total of 142 perfect nibs." Auction ends 7.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6514966997. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid, US $590.80

posted by niblog at 00:48 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 March 2005 21:04 CET
Sunday, 6 March 2005
Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway - Amateur Photographer
Topic: Photography
Scandinavia House in New York is exhibiting Contemporary Landscapes from the Collection of H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway. The Queen is also showing her own landscape photos. "Embarrassing" says Norwegian photographer Morten M. Løberg in the Norwegian photo magazine

»View the Queen's landscape photography in the Norwegian newspaper

(I first read the story in the Swedish newspaper SvD via

posted by niblog at 21:44 CET
Updated: Sunday, 6 March 2005 23:17 CET
MUJI pens in Stockholm
Topic: Pens, Pencils
MUJI Fountain Pen -- Yesterday I went to the new Muji store in Stockholm, located in the Åhléns City department store. They had some nice stationery products and I bought this cool Aluminium Barrell Fountain Pen, the perfect pen for my moleskine notebook. (price SEK 150 approx. $ 22 USD) The image is from the Japanese site at View a larger image on my flickr page and check out the Stationery Photo Gallery at Muji UK.

View a closeup photo showing the nib.
Read the favorite pen discussion at flickr : moleskinerie
My favorite calligraphy fountain pens
My blog post about Noodler's Ink (18.Mar.2005)

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posted by niblog at 00:08 CET
Updated: Sunday, 20 March 2005 23:33 CET
Outstanding Sterling Silver Inkwell Giant Nib on eBay
Topic: Nibs
Outstanding Sterling Silver Inkwell Giant Nib C 1903 for sale on eBay. "Beautiful sterling silver inkwell with glass reservoir in the shape of a giant nib. The reservoir has an unusual lip inside to discourage spilling of ink if knocked over. The casing is hallmarked as shown in photo's. Birmingham 1903. The sides of the inkwell come up at the end forming a pen stand. The piece stands just over 3" high and is in excellent condition."Auction ends 8.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6515199428. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE:Final bid was US $255.00 (Reserve not met)

posted by niblog at 00:08 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 March 2005 21:10 CET
Saturday, 5 March 2005
Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit (UK trailer)
Topic: Animation
Wallace and Gromit : Curse of the Were-Rabbit - At Cinemas 14.Oct.2005. View the new trailer at (via linkfilter and screenrant)

posted by niblog at 16:57 CET
Updated: Saturday, 5 March 2005 17:36 CET
Urban lettering and typography in Eye magazine #54
Topic: Typography
Eye magazine #54 -- The current issue of Eye magazine (#54, Winter 2004), is something of an urban typography special... (via cityofsound)

posted by niblog at 00:02 CET
Friday, 4 March 2005
7-foot-tall 'B' crash-lands on Downtown sidewalk
Topic: Signs
"A 300-pound, 7-foot tall aluminum letter "B" -- part of the new Ariba sign going atop One FreeMarkets Center Downtown -- fell 500 feet to the ground yesterday morning when a cable broke as workers tried to move it from a window washing platform onto the building for installation." Read the story in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12.Feb.2005. (via

UPDATE: " was a Eurostile Extended upper case B, that fell from the Ariba wordmark." (via

posted by niblog at 00:12 CET
Updated: Thursday, 24 March 2005 01:50 CET
Thursday, 3 March 2005
The Ink and Quill
Topic: Quills
The Ink and Quill -- A Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive. (I don't read fanfiction - but the site's name is cool.)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 14:52 CET
Wednesday, 2 March 2005
Digital Webbing Forums - Comic Book Lettering
Topic: Comics
Digital Webbing has lots of interesting discussion forums for comics artists. I like the Lettering Showcase. And here is a hot thread about the new Todd Klein book.

»More about the book 'DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics' by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein in my post here (tags: : )

»Looking for Comics fonts? - Check out this page

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Sunday, 27 February 2005 14:34 CET
Tuesday, 1 March 2005
Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter
Topic: Music -- The unofficial site for Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter. Mott The Hoople recorded seven studio albums and one live album in the period 1969-1974. (via

I must remember to program my Nokia with the All The Young Dudes ringtone.
Search eBay for Mott The Hoople albums and collectibles.
Ian Hunter has his own website, with a regular column penned by Ian himself.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Sunday, 27 February 2005 14:29 CET
Monday, 28 February 2005
S. Mordan & Co. Vintage Pencil Refills
Topic: Pens, Pencils
S. Mordan & Co. Cedar Pencil Refills in Original Box for sale on eBay. "Eight of the original dozen pencils remain in the box. These were made for use in The Mordan Co. pencil holders, and are in pristine, unused condition." Auction ends 28.Feb.2005. View eBay item #6513303352. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid was US $ 90.99

posted by niblog at 13:35 CET
Updated: Monday, 21 March 2005 21:34 CET
CAP&Design - March 2005 - Swedish Magazine
Topic: Calligraphy
The Swedish magazine Cap&Design writes about my calligraphic book cover design in the latest issue, No.2, March 2005, page 59. (not online)

View samples of my calligraphy at

"CAP&Design is owned by IDG. The editorial focus is: Tips, tests and inspiration for graphic designers. The publication's readers include graphic and web designers, advertising agencies, printing houses and publishers."

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posted by niblog at 00:00 CET
Updated: Monday, 28 February 2005 00:04 CET

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