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Thursday, 23 March 2006
Billboardom - a gallery of creative outdoors
Topic: Advertising
Billboardom, a gallery of billboards, signage and other outdoor advertising.

posted by niblog at 18:50 CET
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Pelikan bottles (old-new)
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Pelikan bottles from Starfield's photoset Bungu-bako :: Pens, Stationeries on flickr.

posted by niblog at 20:00 CET
Monday, 20 March 2006
OtterBox Cigar Caddy
Topic: Design
The Cigar Caddy and Cigar Humidor by OtterBox is a waterproof and crushproof cigar travel humidor that can float.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Sunday, 19 March 2006
Stockholm Road Tax
Topic: Signs
Stockholm Road Tax -- new traffic sign, larger image on my flickr

"Congestion charge trials in Stockholm 3 January - 31 July 2006 -- All owners of Swedish registered vehicles are required to pay a congestion charge if their vehicle passes one of the 18 control points on weekdays 06.30 – 18.29, on the way into or out of the inner city of Stockholm." Read more at

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Saturday, 18 March 2006
Drawing Manga
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Teckna Manga -- Manga supplies, books, pens... from Matton, Norrlandsgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006 18:35 CET
Friday, 17 March 2006
Planters Mr. Peanut Pencil Offer, 1965
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Mr. Peanut Pencil -- found in Roadsidepictures' photostream on flickr

posted by niblog at 07:22 CET
Thursday, 16 March 2006
Pencil Spinning by David Weis
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Pencil Spinning by is a 'how-to' page for pencil spinning. (via

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Wednesday, 15 March 2006
Barnangen - Swedish Ink Factory
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Packing Ink (bläck packas) -- nice vintage postcard from Swedish ink factory 'Barnängens', sold on Swedish auction site tradera

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Tuesday, 14 March 2006 19:26 CET
Tuesday, 14 March 2006
Ads with Cartoon Elements
Topic: Advertising
Listo Pencil Ad found in leifpeng's photoset on flickr Ads w/ Cartoon Elements (via PCL)

posted by niblog at 06:58 CET
Monday, 13 March 2006
Pentrix - Pen Spinning Revolution
Topic: Pens, Pencils is the new and improved version of Pentix -- The Art of Pen Spinning web site. Pentix has been around since January, 2000 and has grown in popularity among pen spinners ever since. The mission of Pentix (and Pentrix as well) is to teach people how to spin their pens. (via pencilrevolution)

posted by niblog at 18:31 CET
Updated: Monday, 13 March 2006 18:37 CET
Sunday, 12 March 2006
Photolettering Inc. Alphabet Thesaurus, 1971
Topic: Typography
Photolettering Inc. Alphabet Thesaurus, 1971, found in ultrasparky's flickr.

posted by niblog at 09:34 CET
Saturday, 11 March 2006
25 Best License-Free Quality Fonts
Topic: Typography
Vitaly Friedman browsing through the net searching for the best license-free fonts which would fit as a serious heading for a serious online-presentation.

posted by niblog at 08:24 CET
Friday, 10 March 2006
Showcard Rolling Typesetting Cabinet Vintage Circa 1965
Topic: Typography
Showcard Machine Company typesetting rolling work cabinet for sale on eBay. "This item was manufactured circa 1965 for use for major department stores sign printing. J.C. Penney, Sears etc. It has 4 drawers that hold the typesetting fonts. The item is in like new condition. Showcard Machine Inc. is no longer in business..." View eBay item #7584763593. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for typesetting

posted by niblog at 00:10 CET
Thursday, 9 March 2006
Retractable Sharpies
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Retractable Sharpie Marker Pen with No Cap "When I saw these in a commercial during the Super Bowl I thought finally, an ad that actually influenced me to buy something." Read more in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools

posted by niblog at 08:42 CET
Wednesday, 8 March 2006
Correction Fluid ads that never were, never seen again
Topic: Advertising
adland -- "We've obliged the ad agency involved and removed the spec ads for a brand of correction fluid which initially were sent in and posted as live work. Despite clearly marking the ads as spec and pixelllating away the trademark and removing the correction fluids brand name everywhere, the client and ad agency felt that the whole thing needed to be removed, the whole post and all the comments." Read the story in adland. (via

[View removed images in Google's cache]

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Tuesday, 7 March 2006
Agence eureka
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Agence eureka -- vintage French pen ads. (via P-E Fronning)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Monday, 6 March 2006
Charles Dickens Action Figure
Topic: Quills
Charles Dickens Action Figure -- The novels of Charles Dickens captured the essence of Victorian society so well that the entire period is often described as Dickensian. To this day, none of his novels have ever gone out of print in England. This 14 cm tall, hard vinyl action figure comes with a quill pen and a removable hat!

The Dickens figure is produced by Accoutrements. They also makes Shakespeare, Einstein, Freud, Beethoven, Jesus and many more action figures

»Search eBay for Dickens action figure

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Sunday, 5 March 2006
Lap Desk
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Lap Desks -- I just realized I could use a lap desk. There are some cool models available online, but I think I'll keep searching for a nice antique Lap Desk or Writing Slope on eBay.

posted by niblog at 08:48 CET
Updated: Sunday, 5 March 2006 11:20 CET
Saturday, 4 March 2006
Soyez Freres - Quill toothpicks since 1832
Topic: Quills
The Company Soyez Freres SA, a family firm founded in 1832 in the Paris area, is currently headed by Mr. Gerard Soyez, the founder's great grandson. In 1958 the company moved to Donzy, in central France, its present location. Originally it was specialised in the treatment of feathers for the fashion world, bedding, brushes, sport (badminton shuttlecocks) and catering (goose feather toothpicks). In the 1920s it extended its activity to include drinking straws. Straw production has constantly expanded and, with the disappearance of the feather department, the company has focused its activity solely on plastic extrusion.

"The quill toothpick was invented by Soyez's grandfather in 1832. The Soyez family had raised geese for generations, but it was Grandpa Soyez who discovered that the scrap left from goose quill pens and drinking straws could be shaped into effective toothpicks." Quote from authorized North American importers and distributors of French-made 'quill' toothpicks.

posted by niblog at 02:20 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 02:43 CET
Friday, 3 March 2006
Quill Toothpick
Topic: Quills
Quill Toothpick -- About 150 years ago, in France, a gentleman named Soyez had a brilliant idea. He fashioned a toothpick from a hollow goose quill. When shaped correctly, the quill became a remarkable dental cleaning device.

Gradually, a new business was born. As demand for these remarkable quills grew, it became necessary to find a faster, more uniform way to manufacture more toothpicks. Today's quill toothpicks are manufactured and packaged, under strict sanitary conditions, from the highest quality plastic. The product is more durable, and superior in many ways to the predecessor found in nature.

The plastic quill toothpick has an indefinite shelf life, unlike the old goose quills that tended to dry out and split if stored for more than a couple of years. The plastic quill toothpick is more durable and retains its fine cleaning qualities even with much use. In fact many users report that they will use the same Cure-dent Quill Toothpick several times. Read more at, authorized North American importers and distributors of French-made 'quill' toothpicks.

»Search eBay for quill toothpick

posted by niblog at 09:13 CET
Updated: Saturday, 4 March 2006 02:41 CET

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