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Friday, 1 April 2005
Pimp My Font
Topic: Typography
Pimp My Font -- Get ready for "Pimp My Font", a new reality-based TV show chronicling the exhilarating process of custom font development.

"Ascender Corporation today announced it has received venture capital funding to launch an entertainment division to be based in Hollywood for its new TV show: 'Pimp My Font'. Last year Ascender self-funded a cable television series 'More Bling For Your Ring' - a fascinating look at the mobile phone industry." For more information contact Ms. April Foo, the executive producer of Pimp My Font.

posted by niblog at 22:34 CET
Updated: Friday, 1 April 2005 22:36 CET
Free, Royalty Free, Stock Photography
Topic: Photography
Every Friday a fresh, high-resolution, royalty free stock photo for free download is posted at The Design Weblog. This week's image shows a hand writing with a red pencil. This high-resolution stock photo comes in JPG and JPEG 2000 (JPF) formats, complete with clipping path and alpha channel. Download here (1.4MB ZIP)

Check the Design Weblog each Friday for a new, high-resolution, royalty-free stock photo for download -- before they expire!

posted by niblog at 21:59 CET
Updated: Saturday, 2 April 2005 19:37 CET
Get your name in Japanese now!
Topic: Education
I just added this Japanese name translation service from to the Manga Links page. (via Swedish blog stationsvakt)

posted by niblog at 21:32 CET
Updated: Monday, 30 January 2006 01:42 CET
Flickr Tags - Lettering
Topic: Typography
Look at all the public photos tagged with lettering on or try the Flickr related tag browser from Airtight Interactive
(Technorati tag: )

posted by niblog at 07:35 CET
Wednesday, 30 March 2005
Vincent Van Google
Topic: Art
Google -- The Google logo today is a tribute to Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853 ? July 29, 1890). View old official Google holiday and event logos at including my old favorite from Piet Mondrian's Birthday - March 7, 2002. And check out the fake Google logos at the fan site

Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 30, 1853 ? July 29, 1890) was a Dutch painter, generally considered one of the greatest painters in European art history... Read more in Wikipedia
Search Google Images for Van Gogh paintings
Van Gogh Museum - The artist's life and times, exhibitions and the Museum's collection.
Van Gogh's letters - Unabridged

posted by niblog at 17:52 CET
Updated: Wednesday, 30 March 2005 22:22 CET
Trailer Trash Doll
Topic: Design
If you think the dolls in the toy store are too cute, then the pregnant, cigarette smoking, Trash Talkin' Turleen is the doll for you! Read more at

posted by niblog at 00:00 CET
Monday, 28 March 2005
Topic: Photography
Photobloggies -- "The Photobloggies is an annual award ceremony celebrating photoblogging around the world. Through the Photobloggies, you can find some of the best photoblog sites on the internet, chosen by photobloggers and photoblog readers." Final voting ends 28. March 2005.

UPDATE: Votes no longer accepted. Winners will be announced Wed, Mar 30, 2005.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Monday, 28 March 2005 08:10 CET
Sunday, 27 March 2005
Gillott Principality Pen Nibs on eBay
Topic: Nibs
Box of Gillott Principality Pen Nibs (Vintage) for sale on eBay. "This auction is for an opened, partially full box of Gillott penpoints. There are nine #1 Principality nibs, and one very rare #2 Principality nib. These beautiful vintage nibs are about a century old, but still in mint condition. The box is also in fine shape, still solid and very attractive. Gillott Principality nibs were once considered the best in the world for Ornamental Penmanship, but they were taken out of production about 50 years ago. Today these vintage nibs are among the most highly valued and collectible (and still very useful)." Auction ends 27.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6520231999. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs
»Read more about Gillott Principality Nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid was US $138.05.

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Monday, 28 March 2005 08:05 CET
Saturday, 26 March 2005
Sin City - movie review
Topic: Comics
SIN CITY -- "Vintage cars, violence, sleazy women, violence, corrupt cops and well- violence. This is why you have to watch your own back in 'Sin City'..." Read the review at Comic Book Resources. Read more in the article Chatting with the stars of 'Sin City'

»Frank Miller's SIN CITY in theatres everywhere 1.April 2005 -

UPDATE: Sin City Comparison Photos - this "Yahoo! Movies Slideshow" compares art from the comic book to stills from the movie. (via zwol and comixpedia)

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Saturday, 26 March 2005 14:49 CET
Friday, 25 March 2005
Georgia Gibbs - Her Nibs
Topic: Music
Georgia Gibbs Her Nibs Rondolette LP for sale on eBay. "Georgia Gibbs, Her Nibs - Rondolette 876 - vinyl is shiny and glossy - appears to have only minor surface scratches - satisfaction is guaranteed - jacket has solid amount of edge deterioration, but no splits or tears, and front is still very attractive." Auction ends 25.Mar.2005. View eBay item #4711507182. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs
»Read more about Georgia Gibbs

UPDATE: Auction has ended. No bids. (starting bid was US $7.95)

posted by niblog at 16:45 CET
Updated: Saturday, 26 March 2005 09:33 CET
Rare Nutty Nibs toy
Topic: Nibs
RARE NUTTY NIBS Battery Operated Toy for sale on eBay. "I have had this toy for 25 yrs but now must sell.. this great toy is wonderful to look at and has that something special about it, unfortunately he has 3 little rust areas on back, and missing some paint on back, has a sticker on his stomach... and if thats not enough he is missing his battery cover and has a wooden left foot!!! the battery case is clean, he stands 12" high and his arms do move.. his eyes still 'google' and his mouth still opens perfectly he is untested and obviously need loving care to restore he is sold as is and I know... any collector would love to have him as display or to restore... a neat 1960's collectable toy..." Auction ends 25.Mar.2005. View eBay item #5964265789. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for nibs

UPDATE: Winning bid was US $96.00

posted by niblog at 16:06 CET
Updated: Friday, 25 March 2005 23:05 CET
Sign Language
Topic: Signs
Sign Language - A collection of photos containing humorous, bizarre, and or confusing signs from around the world.

posted by niblog at 08:29 CET
Thursday, 24 March 2005
Alphabet Synthesis Machine
Topic: Typography
Art 21 - Alphabet Synthesis Machine -- "The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is an interactive online artwork which allows one to create and evolve the possible writing systems of one's own imaginary civilizations. The abstract alphabets produced by the Machine can be downloaded as PC-format TrueType fonts, and are entered into a comprehensive archive of user creations."

posted by niblog at 01:33 CET
Tuesday, 22 March 2005
The Gates : An Experiment in Collective Memory
Topic: Art
Christo and Jeanne-Claude : The Gates project in Central Park -- "The Institute for the Future of the Book has created The Gates: an experiment in collective memory, with Flickr providing the venue for collecting and tagging of the photos. There are over 7,000 photographs of the gates on Flickr to date -- undoubtedly one of the most photographed works of art of all time (much more than even cloud gate, where people uploaded photos in protest of the ban on photographing the work!)..." (Via FlickrBlog)

posted by niblog at 01:41 CET
Monday, 21 March 2005
Sensational Novelty - The Rifle Pen
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Win-chester 'The Rifle Pen' Novelty w/box, Made in Italy, for sale on eBay. "Win-chester 'The Rifle Pen' Sensational Novelty ball point ink pen with box ... The pen does not write as I think the ink is dryed up." Auction ends 21.Mar.2005. View eBay item #6518846505. (I am not bidding on this auction and I don't know the seller.)

»Search eBay for novelty pen

UPDATE: Winning bid was US $3.95

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Friday, 25 March 2005 15:40 CET
Sunday, 20 March 2005
Noodler's ink in Sweden
Topic: Pens, Pencils
Noodler's Ink -- Today I bought a bottle of black Noodler's ink at NK, Hamngatan in Stockholm. They had a large selection of colours (Thanks, Tomas). The 3oz bottle cost SEK 129 (approx. $19 USD). To my surprise, the seller did not know it was waterproof!

Note: "The waterproof/fraud proof line (currently black only) cannot be altered on a check or envelope by rain or bleach/ammonia. They consist of over 97% water content...and rinse (or simply rub) off lucite/celluloid/acrylic rod stock testing and ebonite testing stock...and if dried in the bottle it can be reconstituted with tap water...but once on cellulose paper they stay on it as a bulldog biting the leg of the enemy despite rain/soaking and the soaps of a check forger. One word of caution - if mixed with conventional ink the fraud proof ink WILL REVERT TO CONVENTIONAL INK and all those properties will be lost. It is a delicate formula best left alone if one wants the features to remain constant."

More about Noodler's ink in this post 18.Mar.2005

posted by niblog at 15:09 CET
Updated: Sunday, 20 March 2005 23:59 CET
M?nen tur och retur, del 2 - On a marché
Topic: Comics
Månen tur och retur - del 2 - Tintin Book Number 17 - the new Swedish translation by Björn Wahlberg is available in the stores now. More about Tintin on my TINTIN PAGE

»Köp Månen tur och retur från Bokus Bokhandel (Swedish bookstore)
»Search eBay auctions for Tintin Books and Collectibles

posted by niblog at 11:01 CET
Fontleech - The Free Font Blog - One month old
Topic: Typography
Fontleech is a blog about the best free fonts on the web. (started 20.Feb.2005)

"If you're like me (and I'm counting on that), you've spent many a sleepless night scouring the web for free fonts that don't suck. Undoubtedly, you've discovered that finding quality, free typefaces requires sifting through a lot of crap. Wouldn't it be nice if someone did all that sifting for you?"

posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Sunday, 20 March 2005 00:34 CET
Saturday, 19 March 2005
A style of shading letters by John Downer
Topic: Hand Lettering: signs
"Here is an illustration to show how the Mock Block shading effect uses the background color as the underside shade color. This is possible when the underside shade is enclosed by the letter (yellow), a side shade (fire red), and a cast shade (purple)."
John Downer, 11.Nov.2004

»Read more in the thread 'John Downer Speedballs' at typographica

Technorati tag:

posted by niblog at 07:50 CET
Updated: Sunday, 20 March 2005 10:57 CET
Friday, 18 March 2005
Noodler's Fountain Pen Ink - Permanent, Waterproof, Made in the USA
Topic: Pens, Pencils
"Noodler's Black Ink is waterproof and permanent on paper. It contains a cellulose reactive dye that remains water soluble in the bottle and in your pens, but becomes permanent on paper when dry." [View larger image]

»Some time ago I wrote about my new Muji fountain pen and posted a larger image and a closeup photo of the nib on flickr. I was quoted at journalisimo, and I have learned a lot from the comments at flickr. Gierszewski says Muji are discontinuing the fountain pens. Zxfiles told me about Noodler's ink and recommends Mike Shea's blog post 'Noodler's Ink - the Pilot G2 killer'. And Stompy writes about Noodler's ink in the favorite pen discussion at 'flickr : moleskinerie'. I think I must get a couple of spare Muji pens and order a bottle or two of Noodler's ink.

Noodlers Ink
Favorite pen discussion
Mike Shea's blog

Noodler's Ink in Stockholm, Sweden

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posted by niblog at 00:01 CET
Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006 21:29 CET

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